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    R8 v GT-R

    I do like them GT-R's ( that black one ) if only i had the bread!!!!!!!!!! p
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    Bands you have seen live

    SFA good call , best band of the last ten years IMHO p
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    The John Lewis list?

    What a joke , upto £300 on a rug?????? :applaus: Are the MP's not in London to represent there constituants/ ward /community? not to kit out there second home with finery, upto 10k on a kitchen, and £750 on a tele for there London pad!!! IMHO they should be given £65 a week, the maximum...
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    As a member of a few forums and a dyslexia sufferer , i think too much is being made of spelling and grammer on this forum ( 8p ) overall it's ****** good! My dyslexia manifest's itself in the form of i spell words how i pronounce them , and owning an acute Salford/Manchester accent can make...
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    Word Association Game .. . . .

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    Worst single car modification/addition

    A few years ago i had a tuned Renaultsport Clio 182 , i pulled behind a Clio 1.2 at the lights , he had stuck a SPORT badge under the Clio badge on the drivers side, with nothing on the passenger side! it should be Renaulsport passenger side Clio drivers! I could see his worried face looking...
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    Word Association Game .. . . .

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    Extravagant purchase

    Yeah but they look like a icecream vans! LOL Agreed , it's the fact that so meny in one forum/thread have bought a very/expensive watch in the past few months! Your money spend it how you like. p
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    Extravagant purchase

    I can't understand why so meny are spending 1-2k on watches? a 200quid seiko will do me just fine! LOL Each to there own tho! p
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    Extravagant purchase

    Over the past few months i bought. A 40inc Sony Bravia 1080p lcd TV A HD-DVD player PS3 Media streamer ( streams movies, photos, music , ect stored on my computer wirelessly to my Tv , can surf the net wirelessly on my tele, ect ) New wireless router AV Rack Silly priced leads and cables...
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    Flowers of Manchester

    The Flowers of Manchester One cold and bitter Thursday in Munich, Germany, Seven great football stalwarts conceded victory, Seven men will never play again who met destruction there, The flowers of English football, the flowers of Manchester Matt Busby's boys were flying, returning from...