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  1. ninjakid

    ****** thief's!!! 39 Cars broken into in 48hrs

    Thought I'd make people aware, especially from the Leicestershire area. 1st link is posted in General area Police warn Audi drivers after 39 cars broken into in 48 hours - Telegraph 39 Audis broken into in 48 hours - Stop thief! How to improve car security - MSN Cars UK
  2. ninjakid

    Just saw this.....a steal

    For anyone looking just saw this for a good price
  3. ninjakid

    Sprint Booster Module

    A work colleague was recommending this device to me for my S3, but to be honest I've never heard of it? Does anyone have any experiences with it? Also I wasn't sure if the S3 was fly-by-wire. Is this the case? SprintBooster Power Converter - Thanks
  4. ninjakid

    Turbo Inlet Pipe Issues

    Hi guys, I need some advice, after getting my car (S3 8P2) remapped yesterday. I got a hold of a Pipercross panel filter and fitted it today. Problem is when taking off the Engine cover I've pulled up the TIP, and now cannot for the life of me get it back on. I don't have hose clamp pliers, I...
  5. ninjakid

    Cracked door trim

    Hi guys, I've recently picked up a new car, which is great so far, but during closer inspection I noticed that there is a bit of cracking on the door trim just below the window switches. I just wanted to find out how best to get it sorted, or if there is anyone on here how could help me. I...
  6. ninjakid

    New to S3.......A new dawn

    Hi Guys, I have just picked up my new S3 8P and is well chuffed, cant believe how quick this thing picks up speed. Just wanted to say hello to this fabulous forum and post a couple pics. Sorry for the quality of them, the sun was just going down so low light, but I will take some more when the...