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  1. col6821

    Tyre Opinions/Advice

    We're running Falken FK452's (225/40x18) on our 2004 Sportback and they are a little noisier than the previous (well word) Bridgestones. Whilst I don't drive the car anywhere near the limit, I've not managed to un-stick them yet! Apparently the Scooby boys love them too... In the past I've used...
  2. col6821

    3.2 SB owners - what tyre pressures are you using?

    There was a post about this the other day, although I don't know whether it was referring to a 3.2. I'm currently running the standard 17" pressures on my 225/40x18's 36psi front, 33psi rear. Here's the link:
  3. col6821

    DSG Driveshaft CV boot

    That'll be the grease thats used to lubricate the 3 knuckle driveshaft into the socket. The DSG box is a sealed unit (unlike many other gearboxes).
  4. col6821

    Worth it or not???

    I managed to purchase a set of 18" S-Line 5 spokes without tyres off the bay for £225, then spent £100 on a refurb. Then £286 on 4 Falken FK452's and £48 for fitting and balancing, job's a gudd'n. £659 for a 'new' set of OE wheels with new tyres, I'm very pleased :) Col
  5. col6821


    Spot on, I've just purchased 4 Falken FK452's from Camskill, £69 each + £10 postage. For a mid range tyre they're very good and I don't think I'd be put off a car because it had Falkens on it. Col
  6. col6821

    Quick pic of new wheels

    Cheers Fran, I was going to have a go at wrapping the mirror covers when I've worked out how to remove them (ther's bound to be a thread on here somewhere). Did you spray youur's or paint them? Col
  7. col6821

    Quick pic of new wheels

    Cheers follks. Paul_r, I have a set of them which I was planning on keeping. PM me if you want to twist my arm into selling them. :) Col
  8. col6821

    Quick pic of new wheels

    The number plate panel and the grill are the same grey colour on my 2004 Sportback, don't know about the black grills, I presume that all the parts come in black.
  9. col6821

    Quick pic of new wheels

    Thanks for the comments all, I did thing about gun metal, but the powder coaters want another £13.50 per wheel to apply the clearcoat, and I had a budget to stick to (well, that's what I told the missus). Black grill surround is next, I'm going to vinyl wrap the surround but leave the grill it's...
  10. col6821

    Quick pic of new wheels

    Thanks Sarah.
  11. col6821

    Quick pic of new wheels

    That'll do for me! Cheers N8
  12. col6821

    Quick pic of new wheels

    Got them done at Rugby Powder Coating, £25 per wheel, including shot blasting but they don't refurb so I repared the kerb damage myself as it wasn't too bad.
  13. col6821

    Quick pic of new wheels

    Thanks mate
  14. col6821

    Quick pic of new wheels

    Hi All, Thought I'd post a quick pic of the new wheels fitted to our A3, seeing as how the car was never going to be modified but all the great cars on here inspired me... Wheels are OEM Ronals with a 54ET purchased off e-bay and powder coated in gloss black. Anyone know what tyre...
  15. col6821

    Lowering Springs Fitting Guide

    Agree with above, the rears are easy, just remove the one bolt to drop the lower arm down and remove the spring, replace and jack the lower arm back up to put the bolt back in. I removed the outer bolt, as the inner bolt has the offset washer for camber adjustment on it (I have a quattro, so not...
  16. col6821

    £189 for an oil service? What has the world come to??

    It's only £99 up to 2ltr, I was quoted £189 for our 3.2, then £89 from a local independent, and £31.50 from National Tyres National Tyres and Autocare - Oil - Vehicle select and they use fully synthetic where required. :)
  17. col6821

    Been Offered a swap

    3.2 (or larger) all day long :) I've had an 8L S3, a Mk1 TTR 3.2 manual and now a 2004 A3 Sportback 3.2 DSG Sport, it's probably the best of the bunch... Col
  18. col6821

    Question for quattro drivers

    ESP needs to be 'off' to use launch control with a DSG 'box.... Great fun, but I suspect, heavy on the clutches! Col
  19. col6821

    picture request, milltek tail pipes

    the Larkspeed website says that they will supply the individual parts. I think the part code is - MSAU252/1 Tailpipe Assembly (Twin 76.2mm Jet), I took this from another website, it refers to the 3.2 Quattro system. Link to Larkspeed: - Milltek Cat-Back System for Audi - Col