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  1. Daves1972

    Rear diffuser trim removal

    Hi I am looking to remove the rear bumper lower trim (as in the photo) does anyone know the easiest way to do this ? I have trim removal tools , just don’t want to unnecessarily remove more than I have to.
  2. Daves1972

    My Audi app

    I purchased my 2018 A4 less than a week ago . I’ve downloaded the My Audi app to my phone and managed to add my email address and username to the car. I need to add the key user 10 digit code , but unfortunately it’s not on my spare key. After contacting Audi they quoted £70 for a new code...
  3. Daves1972

    Gearbox service and recall

    Dropped my A4 off at my local Audi dealer tonight ready for some work tomorrow. Gone in for S tronic oil service and alternator recall with latest software update. Found out while I was up there that there’s still one service available from previous owners service plan . Find out in the morning...
  4. Daves1972

    Chrome exhaust tips

    Hi I’ve just purchased a B9 A4 2.0 Tfsi . I gave it a clean today and thought I’d clean up the exhaust tips. Tried to wiggle them off like on my old B8 , but they weren’t having it. Anyone know if they come off ?
  5. Daves1972

    Rear light cluster

    Hi I had a slight prang earlier , rear bumper which is going into the body shop For a cash job fix. Unfortunately the drivers side rear outer light cluster is broke , I phoned Audi £250 + for a replacement ( 2012 b8 saloon ). Anyone know where I can purchase one cheaper ?
  6. Daves1972

    Badge Emblem Tape

    Does anyone out there know of a good alternative to 3M Nameplate Repair Tape 06385 ? I want to remove some emblems from my car to polish the panels then put emblems back on. I can get hold of the 3M stuff in the UK but its expensive ,or buy from the USA and wait a few weeks.
  7. Daves1972

    Finally got my car remapped

    After lots of deliberating decided to get my Audi 1.8tfsi remapped. I had a custom remap with a dyno session done at Avon Tuning near Bristol. Dyno figures showed a healthy 183bhp standard ,now 215bhp after the remap with more torque as well. I've only drove about 30 miles since having the remap...
  8. Daves1972

    Remap with rolling road session

    Hi Anyone out there used Avon Tuning Bristol? I'm looking at having a remap and rolling road session on my A4 1.8 tfsi. Have contacted Avon and Rick at Unicorn, similar Bhp and torque figures. The only downside with Unicorn is a four and a half journey there and back again, where as Avon are a...
  9. Daves1972

    EPC light on do not exceed 4000rpm

    Just had EPC light come on do not exceed 4000rpm and emission control system warning light,so car is now in limp mode. Managed to drive it to my local Audi garage , and after diagnosis have been told I need a new thermostat and water pump. I'm hoping to get some goodwill from Audi especially as...
  10. Daves1972

    Remap on a4 1.8 tfsi 170

    Hi, anyone out there have experience of a remap on this model? After owning a b7 2.0 tfsi my b8 1.8tfsi is a bit dead at low revs until the turbo kicks in, then goes like stink. I was thinking of having a Revo remap done to give it a bit more grunt, awesome car that a side.
  11. Daves1972

    Audi A4 b7 2.0tfsi balance shaft failure

    This is what happened to my A4 2.0Tfsi with 61000 miles and full Audi service history . Lucky for me when I heard a rattle I got the car to the garage and had the sump removed,to see some teeth Missing from the oil pump sprocket. Phoned Audi as the balance shaft had failed £1200 for a new one...