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  1. mattdsc

    STOLEN :(

    Thanks all. I am Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire. They got into the house and got the keys and drove it off. Was 00:58 they got in and took the car 10 mins later. :(
  2. mattdsc

    STOLEN :(

    Well, my pride and joy is now gone. 'They' came into our house (whilst were were in) and found the key in the faraday pouch and drove off. They opened every cupboard downstairs to find it....even the fridge. They didn't take my debit card that was on the side nor my my wife's 18 reg Tiguan...
  3. mattdsc

    'chirp' when selecting Sport

    Now I know there are things that take place when you move from Drive to Sport, but I have noticed a quite distinct 'chirp' every time I do it.....should I be worried?! Its almost like what ever valves/engine changes take place need a good oil. I only really hear it at low speed and perhaps...