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    005 - No or Incorrect Basic Setting / Adaptation error after SRI reset

    Hi Would anyone be able please advise how to reset the service light on an Audi A3 57 plate TDI 2.0 SLine with VCDS as I have followed the documented procedure here Ross-Tech: VCDS Tour: SRI Reset but now get the following error: Address 17: Instruments Labels: 8P0-920-xxx-17-MY8.clb...
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    Car value advice

    Hi guys Unfortunaely my pride and joy has to go. Would you guys be able to advise howmuch I may get for it? It's the following spec: Audi A3 2.0 TDi 170Bhp Sline Ltd Edition - Sprint Blue - 57 plate Sprint Blue colour 6 Speed Manual 18" SLine Alloy Wheels Recaro Leather interior Full Service...
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    vibration on clutch pedal - dealer wants us to foot bill if wear and tear

    The story is that my A3 2.0 TDi (4WD) suddenly started vibrating at the clutch pedal which I was told my an independent specialist may be a bearing or fork inside the clutch that’s broken which means the gearbox and clutch need to be taken out. Now with only a week left on my warranty I took...
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    wanted: headlight switch

    Hi guys Can't seem to find the headlight switch I removed when changing to the facelift one on my A3. Does anyone have one for sale? The car is going in for its first MOT soon & i've just realised that im going to have to take the xenons out & therefore will need to put the old headlight...
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    Which depinning tool forA3

    Anyone know which depinning tool is required for The A3? Bought a set today and its the wrong ****** one.
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    kufatec xenon autoleveling instructions

    I'd appreciate it if someone on here who bought the autoleveling kit / loom of kufatec and got the instructions could email them to me? I've had a look at the wiring diags in elsawin but want to clarify a few links and believe the instructions provided by kufatec wuold help. thanks in advance.
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    Vibration @2500rpm 2.0tdi quattro

    Hi guys Has anyone ever experienced vibration in the whole car at 2500rpm. Audi say its is likely to be balancing, however its happening when the car is stationary aswell? Can fell it most in 6th gear doing 80mph.
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    New headlight switch DRL clarification

    Hi guys Got the new style headlight switch & noticed that it has the DRL switch as part of it. Can someone who has bixenons and the new style switch with DRL confirm what actually comes on when you turn it to DRL as on mine my DRLs are on when the switch is on 0 & the headlights come on when...
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    Part no request

    Hi guys Could someone please be kind enough to provide the part no for the s-line Flat steerirng wheel emblem. looked in my version of etka but cant seem to find it.
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    Why do this? Ruining a perfectly decent looking car if you ask me.
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    Rear SB window wet

    Hi guys I've replaced the weather strip on the rear drivers side door as when winding the window down and then back up the window is wet on the inside, however I still have the problem. Has anyone else had this problem?
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    Oxygen & exhaust error

    Got an error on the DIS that looks like an exhaust today. Never seen this before. Have ran VCDS on it and it comes up with the following. Anyone have any ideas on whats wrong? Car is under 2 years old so under warranty, hoping for a heads up before heading down to the dealers on Monday :(
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    Auto Air recirculation?

    Hi guys For some reason everytime I press the Auto Air recirculation button on my 57 plate SB, the light comes on and goes off straight away. Anyone have any ideas why this could be happening? Has happened suddenly as been working since I bought the car 6 months ago. Not had chance to connect...
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    Instruments error

    Thought i'd post this here as I know RT visit this section. After doing an SRI reset I seem to be getting the following error on 17 (instruments). Anyone have any idea what it means and how to get rid of it? Any help appreciated: Address 17: Instruments Labels: 8P0-920-xxx-17-MY8.lbl Part No...
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    Instruments error

    After doing an SRI reset I seem to be getting the following error on 17 (instruments). Anyone have any idea what it means and how to get rid of it? Any help appreciated: Address 17: Instruments Labels: 8P0-920-xxx-17-MY8.lbl Part No SW: 8P0 920 981 K HW: 8P0 920 981 K...
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    Xenon Headlights possible mist / condensation

    Hi guys, would appreciate some advice on an issue where the new bixenon headlights i've installed seem to be misting up slightly when the xenon headlamp is switched on, atealst i think its mist. This only happen when the xenon bulb is active and is around where the projector hits the lense. Any...
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    Bi-xenon upgrade finally done

    Hi guys Finally managed to fit the bi-xenons to my a3 & had a couple of questions so would appreciate it if some could advise: Ive managed to get the sidelights & xenons working fully, however the DRLs don't work. I've tried swapping the bulbs and also tested the loom for continuation just...
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    Service question

    Hi guys Got the DIS telling me my 57 plate sportback is due for a service in 1600 miles. What I waned to know is if when they service, will they change the oil as it was changed when I bought the car at 14700 miles - its done 17500 now. Also if someone here could advise how I could check if...
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    Bi-xenon question

    Hi guys, i've managed to get hold of some bi-xenon headlamps for my a3. They have not got the ballasts & bulbs, however im keeping an eye on uk/euro ebay for them. What I wanted to know is how the projector actually attaches to the motor as one of the lights seems to keep getting loose from the...
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    part number lookup and prices (if possible)

    Hi guys coulod someone with access to ETKA kindy lookup the following part numbers for us: 8P0 941 003 AA 8P0 941 004 AA They are xenon headlights apparently but want to double check to nsee if they are the right ones for my 57 plate sportback. I'd also appreciate it if someone could lmk...