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  1. benw123

    A3 8V aftermarket reversing camera retrofit

    When I was searching for an A3 8V e-tron to buy last year, my wife was insistent that it had a reversing camera. This limited our search, but I was able to compromise by promising I'd fit one of the plug-and-play aftermarket kits. I settled on the full kit supplied by Empirical...
  2. benw123

    Free RNS-E skin for Windows Media Player

    Hi guys, Haven't posted for a while, but had to share this - an RNS-E skin for Windows Media Player I developed about 7 years ago :) I used to be a software developer and was experimenting with programming WMP. I hit on the idea of developing a skin from a screenshot of the RNS-E. It's...
  3. benw123

    XCarLink users: Windows software to manage MP3s

    I recently installed an XCarLink device into my Honda, and so far it's been great. Before buying it I did my homework to understand how MP3 files are organised in the six "CD" folders, and decided to put together a quick Windows desktop app to try and make managing it easier. I've done something...
  4. benw123

    What's the deal with Mercedes' "disco" fog lights?

    Okay, so this is a bit random, and it doesn't keep me awake at night, but has anyone else seen left or right fog lights on Mercedes models flickering on and off? I must have seen around 10 in the last year. They catch your eye because - apart from the fact the driver probably shouldn't have...
  5. benw123

    What diesel would you recommend for £3k?

    I've got £3000 to spend on a second car for commuting, and I'm looking for inspiration! At the moment, my saved searches on AutoTrader include Audi A3 8L TDI, VW Golf GT TDI, Bora TDI SE, Seat Leon TDI SE and 2004-on Ford Focus TDCI. The brief is: Must be as frugal as possible Less than...
  6. benw123

    2.0TDI Exhaust Sensor/Flap failure?

    Hi guys, The yellow engine warning light flicked on in our 2004 Sportback 2.0TDI recently and while there were no obvious problems, I took it in to Hatfield Audi this morning to ask them to diagnose it, which they did free of charge while I waited. Unfortunately, I didn't get the full...
  7. benw123

    Eurostar or Ferry?

    Met up with some mates the other night and we got talking about how best to get to the continent with your car. I've not been near a ferry for several years now: 35 minutes travel, zero sea-sickness, staying with my car and not having to bear those horrid ferry interiors means the train wins...
  8. benw123

    New Audi RS6

    Haven't posted one in here for a while, but a quick trip to gave me a bit of inspiration: So what do we reckon? I'm a fan, but I think the limit has been reached in the Audi/BMW/Mercedes horsepower war. There cannot be any good reason why cars should have over 580-600bhp on...
  9. benw123

    Free Audi MoT Offer!

    Hi everyone, (Have also posted this in the General section, but I didn't want anyone from the 8P forum to miss out!). Audi dealers are running a free MoT offer for all privately-owned Audis. I heard it advertised on Absolute Radio this morning - have just registered so it appears to be...
  10. benw123

    Free Audi MoT Offer!

    Hi everyone, Audi dealers are running a free MoT offer for all privately-owned Audis. I heard it advertised on Absolute Radio this morning - have just registered so it appears to be genuine! Go to for more information. After filling in your details, print out...
  11. benw123

    Snowed in?

    Got up early, checked the travel news and decided my 26-mile commute wasn't worth it today, so emailed my colleagues to say I'd be working from home. Then got an email to say they'd closed the office :D How's everyone else doing?
  12. benw123

    A3 Cab 1.8TSFi Finance Offer

    Found myself on Essex Audi's mailing list (probably from a service quotation) but they've sent me an interesting finance offer on an A3 convertible 1.8TFSi: Must add that I don't work for Essex Audi! Not a bad deal though - just thought I'd share it with you all.
  13. benw123

    Clever Car Park

    A colleague in graphic design sent me a link to this website with some interesting pictures. Basically, from certain angles, the words appear in very large, clear text, whereas from others it just looks colourful. Just thought I'd share it with you guys since it looks pretty cool!
  14. benw123

    PS3: GTA4 Bash!

    Following on from Kontraband's excellent PS3 gamer tag thread, I noticed a lot of you have GTA4. How about organising a private game amongst ourselves? Could do Deathmatch, Hangman's Noose or (my favourite) Mafiya's Work. Suggest Wednesdays from 9pm starting October 8th if that's good for...
  15. benw123

    Anyone been to the Silverstone Classic this weekend?

    Just got back in from an excellent day out at Silverstone watching the classic racers. There was everything from F1 all the way back to the earliest racing cars plus Group C Le Mans, GT Sports cars and a historic Porsche Cup race. In between there was a large infield with several owners clubs...
  16. benw123

    Is it me or are people driving more slowly because of high fuel prices?

    For the second weekend in a row, I went out on a long journey to see some family along mostly motorways and A-road dual carriageways. I normally set cruise control at around 80mph and was really surprised at the number of cars I was passing. Talking about it here in the office, a few of my...
  17. benw123

    Toyota Prius joins the Sportback

    Around four months ago, I changed jobs and started commuting from Herts to West London. This meant using the overland train and tube, which wasn't just pricey, it took ages too. Luckily, the office I work at has parking and is well away from the congestion charging zone, so I drove it a few...
  18. benw123

    Test drove a Toyota Prius

    Test drove a Prius last week and wanted to share my thoughts. First some background though: I live in Herts and commute to Chiswick in West London every day. The train/tube combination is generally okay but expensive (£280 per month with a season ticket plus Oyster) and it takes well over an...
  19. benw123

    Honda S2000

    What do we think of these? This car topped the JD Power survey for a couple of years running - got to be good: