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  1. crazy88

    A4 B7 3.0tdi quattro avant s-line

    Hi there, I'm after new shocks and springs for my above car. I was going to go for the Bilstein B12 setup you have, but I don't really want it to be much lower (if at all). Any advice on either; 1) how much it'd lower it from it's current s-line height based on experience 2) any other...
  2. crazy88

    My B7 3.0tdi Quattro thread

    Hi all, I thought i'd create a thread for my latest car. I've been an Audi owner for the last 7 years, with a B6, and then 3 years ago I bought a 1.8TQS, also, as my toy car. Typically I prefer older cars, and I was never a fan of the B7 shape, although it's growing on me I must admit! The B6...
  3. crazy88

    Abs woes....again

    I've got another abs light on my car :( Last year I lost all comms with the abs module via vcds so had it repaired and all was peachy. I've now got an abs light (yellow abs light and red warning icon on dis) A vcds scan tells me its "ABS valves supply voltage" code 01200. Ive googled it...
  4. crazy88

    1.8TQS Rear brakes sticking

    Hi. My right rear caliper is sticking and braking is getting horrendous. I'm considering purchasing an old set of rear calipers and getting them refurbed so that I can just swap them over when they are done rather than be without the car for a few days/ weeks. Looking on eBay I think there...
  5. crazy88

    Something fell off...again :)

    My exhaust Heat Shield (I assume). How important is it to get it back on ASAP? It looks worse for wear, and like i'll need a new one, the mounting holes have all disappeared. I only knew about it as I could hear a vibrating noise so stopped and looked underneath. I've ripped it out for now so I...
  6. crazy88

    Front strut washer part # request

    Hi everybody, I've looked on vagcat, but with no luck, so asking for help please! At the weekend I removed my standard shocks and lowering springs to replace it with OEM sport suspension (the wife was moaning it was too low). Anyway, we lost one of the big washers that fasten the front strut...
  7. crazy88

    Scuttle panel screws

    Hi all, I recently had to work my magic in the plenum chamber area as there was a bit of corrosion. That's all done now, and hopefully I've caught it early enough. Anyway, I had to remove the scuttle panel in order to get the battery out. All the plastic screws holding it in have previously...
  8. crazy88

    My 1.8 TQS kindof project thread.

    I thought I'd start a thread for my newly acquired a4. I've been a member for a good few years now on here with my 1.9tdi (b6) avant, but over the last year I've been growing fonder of the b5 platform. Here's my b6, it's now the family workhorse. It may even have to get raised as the wife...
  9. crazy88

    B5 1.8tqs test drive questions

    So today I went to test drive a 1.8tqs, I've not driven one before and since I'm considering buying one I thought it best to give one a go. First, it felt a little numb. I have a 1.9tdi b6, but the 1.8t felt slower. Maybe I wasn't giving it enough beans? Next was some knocking from the front...
  10. crazy88

    red b6 avant 1.9tdi quattro (no idea on plate)

    Red b6 avant, 1.9tdi quattro, over near rodley/ horsforth side of leeds on sunday. I drove fast to catch you up as I liked your car :friends: It looked very nice in red. Think they were rs4 wheels too, in black.
  11. crazy88

    EGR valve hose connection

    I cleaned my turbo yesterday with the Mr muscle method, and also cleaned the EGR valve and intake manifold. All works fine, not really a huge difference noticed, if any but it was more preventative rather than anything else. However, I noticed a load of oil on the rear most part of the intake...
  12. crazy88

    Pictures of our moderators.

    Hello All, Off the back of Chez’s very successful thread about the Mods I am making another one: A pics of the Mods thread. Basque in the glory that for the moment people aren’t moaning at you or slagging you off. 1 Rule: It’s got to be from 2013, not from 5 years ago when you weren’t...
  13. crazy88

    b5 perches and pinch bolts for b6

    Hello, I am doing the famous lowering springs and b5 perches mod in a week or two. Can you check my part numbers, and give a price please? Perch: 8D0 412 103B 2 QTY Pinch bolt: N 105 768 01 2 QTY Pinch nut: N 102 861 02 2 QTY Pinch washer: N 104 061 03...
  14. crazy88

    ScottB5 is awesome

    Seen as the 'awesome' threads are flowing, lets open up round two of them. ScottB5; He's great! He's provided me with tonnes of knowledge, and is always there when I need him. I love you ScottB5.
  15. crazy88

    New (to me) aero wipers

    So I have wanted aero wipers for ages, and it's one of the few mods the wife agrees with as the standard wipers were bobbins, even with new genuine Audi wiper blades they still sucked. So I saw that a user on here (Sam) was selling some so took the opportunity :) Heres a before and after pic...
  16. crazy88

    A4 avant triangle cover wing screw

    I am just wondering whether you could help please. My wing screw has broken on my triangle cover flap on my 2002 A4 avant. I did a search online and think I may have found the part number. I believe it to be 8E9860333 Is this correct? If so, can they be bought separately, and for how much and...
  17. crazy88

    huhuhu, he said weiner.

    BBC News - US Congressman Weiner admits 'inappropriate' Twitter photo In fact, he is Weiner, and wanted to prove it to everyone. FAIL.
  18. crazy88

    Drivers Side Sun visor/ Boot triangle cover

    Hello all, I pulled down my sun visor yesterday as we had about 2 minutes of dazzling sun. Anyway, the hinge snapped off so I need a new one now. :( Does anyone know if it's possible to buy just the hinge bracket, or is it a full new sun visor needed? And any help on part numbers? Second, you...
  19. crazy88

    IT related help please!

    A few weeks back our computers at uni/ work were hit with an attempted hack through computers with remote desktop enabled. Anyway, long story short, mine was attempted to be hacked so the clever IT people here have re-imaged my desktop machine. However, I am now no longer an administrator, so...
  20. crazy88


    BBC News - Barack Obama's car, nicknamed 'The Beast', gets stuck So I know it's not a YouTube clip, but it is a video. This cracks me up every time i watch it. I love the clang of metal as it just grinds to a halt. I also love how they deny it was him. Americans eh?!