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    My car ate my SIM card!

    Good evening all, long time since I was on last, hope all are well. I’m not sure how I managed it exactly, but I removed the SIM card from my car recently and when I put it back in, it pushed all the way in, instead of clicking into place. No idea why it allowed me to push all the way in -...
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    Problem with connection between iPhone 11 and MMI

    Hi all, Been a little while since I was last on. We’re having an issue with connecting an iPhone 11 to the MMI system. My wife’s phone connects to calls ok but then after a minute it drops connection & wont allow you to end the call in the MMI. Then she can’t reconnect the phone without trying...
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    Will these wheels fit my BiTDI?

    Hi all, I probably should have asked this before buying the wheels, but I’ve bought these wheels for my BiTDI and I just want to check they’ll fit? The whole et & j fitment thing baffles me, so anyone who knows, could you confirm if these will fit my car please? My car has the 20’s on and...
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    Wet carpet in passenger footwell

    Yesterday we noticed a damp smell in the car and my first thought was either water in the spare wheel well, or the front passenger footwell, as I know it was a problem on the old A6 C6 model. Tonight I checked the passenger carpet and it is wet, near the bottom of the door. I vaguely remember...
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    Wiper rubbing at bottom of windscreen

    Evening all, Ive just changed my windscreen wipers (front only, because I forgot to order the rear one) because they were smearing and I had a really annoying noise as the passenger side one was getting to the bottom of the screen on the n/s edge. The noise can only be described as a farting...
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    Start/Stop question

    Evening all, I noticed that my car (tiptronic box, C7.5 3.0 BiTDI) kind of started bunny hopping as I came to a stop recently, almost like it was about to stall. It’s only happened once. Then possibly, or possibly not related, I noticed recently that the Start/Stop is cutting. The engine...
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    What are these?

    Anybody know what the thing is in front of the rear roof handle? Sitting in the back for once today, so this is the first time I’ve noticed them.
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    Whats included in tomorrow’s service

    Hi all, Car (3.0 BiTDI 320ps) is going in for service tomorrow. It has done around 38,000 miles now & I have a feeling they’re only doing filters & so on tomorrow, based on what the MyAudi app says, although it is a major service it’s booked in for. It was last serviced at 23,000 in October...
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    Emissions Fix tomorrow - should I get it done?

    So my motor is going in for a service tomorrow and the emissions campaign says mine is eligible. I saw one post where the owner reported a loss in performance after getting it done though. Does anybody have any insight on it? I have til tomorrow morning to decide & will be doing my research...
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    Merry Christmas to me - 3 panels & a wheel damaged

    So this was my early Christmas present from the lady who reversed out of her space & into the side of my car today. Thanks a bunch!
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    Particulate Filter: System Fault

    The Wife got the warning message “Particulate Filter: System Fault - See Owners Manual” on her way to work this morning. The car is still in warranty, but If I take it to Audi and they blame the type of driving for not allowing the DPF to do its regen, no doubt I’ll have to pay for the...
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    MyAudi equipment list wrong?

    I have the MyAudi app downloaded and my car’s details logged on it. Under ‘Optional Equipment’ then ‘Communication’, it says “Audi Connect and Audi Phonebox with wireless charging”. However the matt inside the armrest has no QI symbol and my phone doesn’t seem to charge when rested on it...
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    Pads needed 6 wks into ownership

    The brake pad warning came on today, just 6 weeks (1700 miles) after buying the car Used Approved, which was disappointing. I don’t suppose I can say anything as it’s a wear & tear item and for all they know, I could have been round the Nurburgring in it. Would everyone recommend EBC Yellow...
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    Fixed service plan confusion

    Morning all. I've been talking to our local Audi dealership recently about taking a fixed service plan for the next two services. I've been given so many different prices, that I'm starting to doubt it's worth it. My car had its last oil change in October last year at 22,000 miles and is now...
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    myaudi tracking and locking

    Hi all, Been trying to figure this out & have finally given up. I'm no tech guru, but I'm not exactly a caveman either. The tracker on myaudi app seems to tell me where me and my phone are, rather than where my car is. Also, I cannot for the lice of me see anywhere you can check your cards...
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    MMI Updates

    Hi all, I went into MMI Setup/settings last night and it told me there was an update available. I went into it & it asked me to choose the source, so I chose online update and I then had to tick the countries from a list of all European countries. So I only chose England North/Ireland and...
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    My new toy - 3.0BiTDI

    So today I finally got hold of my new motor. Oh my God, it was worth the wait. Not had it out of dynamic drive very much as I just can't get over that exhaust note. No doubt will have a ton of questions, so apologies in advance. Here's the old A6 I traded in for it:
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    Matrix Lights & All LED Headlights with High Beam Assist

    Apologies for the really daft question, but are 'Matrix Lights' the same as 'All LED Headlights with High Beam Assist, or are they different options?
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    A6 C7 3.0 BiTDI things to watch out for

    Hi all. Considering one of these in the near future and wondered what sort of things I should watch out for when looking/test driving. Thanks in advance.
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    Almost got scammed by car buyers

    So I'm just sharing this to make everyone aware of a scam someone tried to pull, to raise awareness. I mentioned in a previous post how I was looking to sell both mine and the Wife's cars to buy a shared car, as I now use my van for work. I advertised both on Auto trader & on Friday at 5ish, I...