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    Smelly Aircon help

    I've done a search and read posts on similar issues, however doesn't seem to point to a single solution. The car only done this when I had driven around a 30 mile trip, as soon as I got back into the car to complete the return journey there was an instant strong smell, like cat p*ss, now like...
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    My doubts seem confirmed

    So today... in Scotland like most places it's extremely icy, I've just managed to come out my car park and the rear just slid and when I put my foot down, nothing, but traction control. Again when I accelerate all I'm getting is traction control and a shake at the back like the rear wheels are...
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    "Pulling" issue

    Not sure if it's just my imagination, not had the car long but when I am putting the foot down, more on colder starts the engine seems to be revving, but there doesnt seem to be equivalent pull to noise. Its an S3 saloon S-tronic with 10k miles. Is this normal, am I imagining it? Is there any...
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    What AMI cable/part number

    Hi all, Hopefully someone can help, after 2 months of owning my car I’m still waiting on Stockport Audi replying to my emails about the absence of an AMI canle in the car. Am I right or wrong in saying there’s different cables, some don’t show folder art etc, is this correct? If so, what...
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    Map Reading Light Bulbs

    Hi all, My car doesn't have the interior light pack, so only has the one centre light above you and in the rear, wondering if anyone has replaced these bulbs with bright white LEDs (not too bright), and if so, what bulbs did you use? Were they hard to fit?
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    Show me your saloon mods...

    Interested to see what you have done to your saloons, spacers/wheels/springs/wind deflectors etc what you got?
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    VWFS Credit/Service Plan not transferable

    Just spoke with the deal where I am collecting my new car next week and they have said my current Audi service plan isn’t transferable onto my new vehicle even as a credit value? I also have VWFS credit against the car which hasn’t been used, is this correct? The guy I’m dealing with is...
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    I finally sourced one... S3 Saloon

    Well.. it’s been a while since my last post, been on the lookout for an S3 saloon/RS3, changed my mind so many times, been one of those irritating customer, but I finally tracked this gem from Southport Audi. Ignore the plate, but it’s a 64, and done just over 10k! After seeing @Starry post...
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    Insurance... HELP

    Hi all, Wondering if anyone has come across this before. I'm currently driving a 2.0TDI S-line A3 S-tronic, I've just run a quote on a 66 plate S3 saloon S-tronic and its practically doubled! Current policy is £646.69, on the S3 its jumping to £1202.39, even more strange is the fact I was...
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    New MTM Wheels? I saw this car the other night then stumbled across it on eBay, car is advertised as MTM but can’t find these alloys anywhere, they looked unbelievable at night, does anyone know where to source them?
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    Cigarette lighters problem

    Looking for a bit of help, cigarette lights sporadically light up, however aren't working i.e. phone charger isnt working. Is there a specific fuse I should look at? Cheers
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    Lowered A3 S-Line/19s

    Hopefully my fellow forum buddy's can help, had a quick look through search but mostly seems to be S3s. Does anyone have any photos of an A3 8V lowered with either Eibach/H&R springs preferably with 19's, 3dr if possible, but don't mind pics of sport backs for an Idea. I already know I'm gonne...
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    New Wheels A3 S-line

    Have been on the lookout for some 19" wheels for my A3, really wanted MTM Bimoto again, but impossible to source second hand, and too expensive to buy brand new. Managed to source these from an S3 Saloon, excuse the colour of the car, this is a post from another forum going through the cleaning...
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    Facelift A3 2.0 TDI DPF light on

    Looks like the DPF light from what I've read, what's the bottom light, and what should my next move here be?
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    Directional Jet Inside Rear Wiper (Pics added)

    Hi everyone, I posted last week my wiper had stopped spraying last week, diagnosed the problem to the littled plastic piece inside the wiper arm which directs the jets of water across the back of the wiper. Anyway, looks like this is blocked, looks a cheap part to replace, however I tried...
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    Need help: rear washerjet

    Hi lads, Looking for some help, my rear wiperjet seems to have stopped working, I can still hear the pump working when I push the lever, however nothings coming up, I know Golfs are common for this happening, but the cars only 2 1/2 years old, is it an easy fix to take this off to unblock the...
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    Another tyre thread

    I know this has been asked a million times on here, but it seems it's more an S3 forum of late. I'm currently driving an A3, and just wondering what other A3 drivers are running, the car came with Conti 5's on the rear and budgets on the front. There rears are needing replacing as one has a...
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    A3 2.0 TDI S-tronic "Major Service"

    Ok lads, looking for some advice/help/previous experience. Just phoned my local dealership for a quote and they have come back with £328 for basically an oil/filter/pollen filter change, is it just me or does this seem quite excessive? What price should I be looking around?
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    MTM Bimotto

    Does anyone know a UK supplier for these? I had previously used Niche Conversions but doesn't look like they deal with MTM anymore. Would rather deal with someone in the UK, rather than Germany. Cheers,
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    A3 S-Line Wheelspiration?

    I know there was a post for 8P when I had one, do we not have one for 8V? Anyway, looking for some inspiration, car will be white, S-Line, 3 door. Looking for some 18/19" inspiration as the car has standard sports suspension option.