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  1. auzzam_crd

    Some good discounts (if applicable for you)

    Hi all, Saw everyone mentioning in one of the other threads discounts were hard to come by on the new rs3. We purchased our new A3 vorsprung (and the edition1 before) from motorsource group who provide discounts for teachers and emergency service workers. You will see they can get almost £7k...
  2. auzzam_crd

    Here's one way to stop your mmi rebooting...

    Here's something I've been trying out in the background with a few owners and it seems to work for all of us - probably the single most annoying electrical gremlin in my opinion. Hope it helps! Auzzam
  3. auzzam_crd

    General - fun trackday

    Not an A3 video, but something I wanted to share with you guys who follow the content
  4. auzzam_crd

    Watch YouTube on your mmi!

    Here's a fun little video I made showing a way to watch and use YouTube which requires no modification Subscribe to keep up to date with 8y content
  5. auzzam_crd

    Those who have had the recall work carried out...

    Has your software version changed at all I just had 2 recalls applied but everything looks the same.
  6. auzzam_crd

    Black badges and reverse camera now standard on the vorsprung

    Title says it, just saw the websites updated and the price of the car has gone up by £135. Not sure what people who have placed the order will receive though, I'm guessing the correct car at the time of order.
  7. auzzam_crd

    Any vorsprung owners received delivery with a reverse camera?

    apparently this might be present on the newly built cars. Anyone had theirs delivered in the last week or two?
  8. auzzam_crd

    Question to those who have rejected...

    Asking on behalf of a friend, how long does the process take? He has currently been told the request has gone "to the brand to authorise" - we assume this means Audi UK? He's not driving the car anymore and is wondering when they will be coming to collect it.
  9. auzzam_crd

    Tuning box review! - a bit of fun

    Hello again! Here is something that I know divides opinion a tuning box Vs dedicated remap etc, also whether or not they really are untraceable as marketed. Nevertheless it was fun fitting this to a subscribers car and feeling the difference in the way the car behaves. If you want to keep up...
  10. auzzam_crd

    A3 trim comparison S Line Vs Edition1 Vs Vorsprung

    Thanks to everyone who helped us reach 1,000 subscribers here's a nice little compassion video to help out potential owners when deciding on which trim to buy. Please subscribe for more 8y content Auzzam
  11. auzzam_crd

    How to clear the SOS warning light.

    Here's a workaround for the SOS warning light - help your resident A3/S3 8y channel reach 1,000 subscribers only another 50 needed! Thanks to Marouan Abousif for the suggestion and for the countless others who helped to test this out.
  12. auzzam_crd

    Had a go at a podcast! Our A3 journey so far

    Hi guys, a lot of viewers asked questions around our journey from an edition1 to a vorsprung how we ended up getting one. It was not necessarily a short story so I collaborated with TechInTheCar to bring the story to life through a podcast. It's a longish one but if you want to see two blokes...
  13. auzzam_crd

    London Based Dechroming for Subscribers - CRD Customs

    Hey guys, Over the last few months we've seen the demand for Dechroming seems to be high and often a first mod. Some of you may know from the channel we're not strangers to wrapping and in fact wrapped my Toyota Supra last summer. We're now offering dechrome services to our subscribers as a...
  14. auzzam_crd

    What to look out for when collecting your new A3/S3

    Hi guys, Trying something a bit more collaborative with the latest video and provide owners with some of the good things to look out for when collecting their cars. I've added a few in the video but intend to regularly update the list. Let me know down below for any you think we should...
  15. auzzam_crd

    First look at an 8y vorsprung

    Not sure how I forgot to post this on the forum! But here it is anyway - our new Audi A3 vorsprung.
  16. auzzam_crd

    Sold my A3

    Sad day, but we're only just getting started (make sure you watch till the end) :)
  17. auzzam_crd

    Discount code for black emblems / badges (any Audi)

    Hi all, For anyone looking to get blacked out badges for the front and back of their 8y... In an upcoming video we talk about the badges from Auto Badge Shop We have worked with them to provide subscribers with a 10% discount using the code CRD10 (this works site wide) Direct links to the...
  18. auzzam_crd

    Live Owners Chat - 7PM

    Hi guys - we're attempting to get the community together on the latest video which airs tonight at 7pm. We'll be there along with many other owners of both the a3 and s3, so it might be a good chance to ask any questions etc... also maybe have a live debate around the 8v vs 8y ... :) Link...
  19. auzzam_crd

    Any stock(ish) S3 in/around London? - YouTube Feature

    Hi all, Some of you might be familiar with me from the 8Y section on the forum. My name is Auzzam and I look to make videos based around the A3/S3 models. I am looking for a willing volunteer who has an 8L S3 to allow me to feature it on my channel, this would be you driving it on camera - and...
  20. auzzam_crd

    How to fit Puddle Lights on the Front and Rear doors

    I saw a few people were struggling with the back lights - so decided to make an easy video on it. I've posted this as a separate thread, as this topic will no doubt be searched for in the coming years. More content is on the way - appreciate the support from the Forum so far, please subscribe...