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  1. damo.h

    For Sale Audi S3 - 225 BAM

    2002 Audi S3 8L, 1.8 BAM. (Requires some attention) I've owned this car for the last 10 and half years and it has been amazing throughout. It's been used as a weekend car/ visits to inters ect for the last 5 years, so hasn't really done much millage in this time. Current millage is 155k. The...
  2. damo.h

    RIP Adam yauch aka MCA

    Adam Yauch (MCA) of the beasty boys passed away yesterday after his long battle with cancerA sad day for all fans of this musical genius, a true pioneer!! BBC News - Beastie Boys' Adam Yauch: Your memories Lets show some appreciation guys
  3. damo.h

    Just got this lil fella delivered ;)

    After years of searching the web for a S3 to go one my shelf only to find nothing.... Untill now that is!! Been waiting a while for it, but it finally left France and it arrived today. Unfortunately only available as a left hooker and in taxi silver lol, but who cares as it's the only 8l s3...
  4. damo.h

    Dear Jim

    Why there are no male agony aunts!! Dear Jim last week - I left for work as normal but having only gone a mile my car broke down so i walked home again and arriving unexpectedlyi found my 16yr old babysitter handcuffed to the bed in her school uniform with my husband bent over her, banging...
  5. damo.h

    When I was a kid!!!

    When I was a kid, Mum would send me to the shops with 50p. I could get a mars bar, bag of pick n mix, a comic book, can of coke, big bag of monster munch, a lucky bag, handful of penny sweets, stick on tattoos & a gob stopper and still come home with loads of change,You cant do that these...
  6. damo.h

    PIP titties

    French breast implant company PIP are going to remove thousands of useless tits. You hang in there sunshine, I won't tell them where you live!
  7. damo.h

    Girls & loo's

    Having a girl with a tattoo on the back of her neck is much like having a bathroom with a magazine in it - It gives you something to read while you're in the ****ter. ;)
  8. damo.h

    Girls & loo's

    Having a girl with a tattoo on the back of her neck is much like having a bathroom with a magazine in it - It gives you something to read while you're in the ****ter. ;)
  9. damo.h


    Anyone listened to this guys new album yet? Good tunes to loose yourself in. Got a track on radio1 at the mo called hold on
  10. damo.h


    What D is Bob Holness???
  11. damo.h

    North West-ADI Convoy

    Ok chaps, it's getting close now so anyone from our area wanting to convoy?? The plan would be to run into strenshem services around 07:00-07:15 to meet up with Paul and anyone else there, collect our stand passes grab a cuppa/breaky then carry on down as a group and meeting up with jojo on the...
  12. damo.h

    Project: New Identity

    Ok it's been a few weeks now since i wrapped the S3, Bit delayed but here you go.... Insperation for the colour choice was the old skool light blue mk1 gti look and the GT3 RS in Riviera blue Products used.... Autosmart G101 3M Surface preparation system 3M 85 series CV3 Premium cast vinyl (...
  13. damo.h

    The ASN Shed

    Ok so there's been a few posts of home improvements and such, like Crazy's Lurve Nest, Scott's paving and welly's going to have a fair few thing to whack with the new house so i think we need an ASN Shed. Somewhere we can show off our efforts of things we've done that's not our daily. Could...
  14. damo.h

    It's all gone wobbly

    Ok probably a stupid question but I fitted some s4's the other week, since then iv noticed the car seems more skitty and a sort of wobble feeling if you will, from the front wheels when hitting uneven surface/ bumps in the road they came with new (nasty) Sunny 235/40/zr18. On them so not the...
  15. damo.h

    Did the grill surround this morning

    ok so this morning i was ubber bored... so decided id wrap the front grill surround. Im sure its been done to death but this is the easiest way, So here you go.... Im using KPMF (Premium Apply) cast Vinyl in Satin matte. Start off by giving it a soapy wash, then i used a surface...
  16. damo.h

    Has someone died??

    My dyslexic mate said someone had died in an army warehouse!
  17. damo.h

    Grid style prints

    Ok you photo geniuses, iv hav eof have loads of 20/25cm prints iv done around the house. thing is we've recently had some family shots and i want to make a big grid type for one wall. probably 6 across and 5 high. anyone know of any good programs to do this?? i have photoshop,paintshop pro...
  18. damo.h

    Got a rash on mi ****

    I was showing my doctor the rash on my **** today. He seemed pretty uncomfortable and didnt want to touch it. He just said make an appointment at the surgery tomorrow and walked off pushing his trolley with his wife and kids!
  19. damo.h

    Am I going soft.

    Saw this tonight on TV. Good ad for fathers day, Think iv gone soft in the head;)
  20. damo.h

    Things to do around porthcawl

    Hi guys, we're off to treco bay in porthcawl wales tomorrow morning for a week and wondered if anyone knows the area or has visited lately and could recommend things to do. We're into most alternative sports, like good food and something to entertain a 20 month old boy/ 11 Yr old girl. I don't...