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  1. Hotscar

    Private Plate

    Oli's right, the car the plate comes off of has to have an MOT.
  2. Hotscar

    911 GT3 RS green S3

    Why would you do that????
  3. Hotscar

    Each to Their Own...

    Let's just hope you didn't wear them!
  4. Hotscar

    Each to Their Own...

    Why would you do that...
  5. Hotscar

    Dilemma - TTS or Cayman S

    It seems quite simple to me...if you want four rings get the TTs or if you want a driver's car, get the Cs! So many blinkered people on here...
  6. Hotscar


    That's four!
  7. Hotscar

    How do you access this forum

    Home and work for me...depending on workload at both!
  8. Hotscar

    What has been the most fun car you have owned (current or past)??

    Right throughout my twenties I had company cars and they were all french oil burners so not much fun there (apart from the 306 which you could throw anywhere) so for me I guess it was my 205 gti. It caught me out a few times (nothing too serious) but if you were brave and kept your foot down it...
  9. Hotscar

    Whats your private plate , or what have u seen ??

    I've also recently seen a V6 Clio with V60 YES spaced V6 0 YES and an S3 with S30 YEH spaced S3 0 YEH and I thought both of these looked pretty good. There's also a GT3 near my work and the owner has GT03 FAB and I think that looks pretty good suiting the's a black GT3 as well!
  10. Hotscar

    Whats your private plate , or what have u seen ??

    Could you do me a favour and tell me that again just so I'm sure I know what you like! Oh, then wake me up afterwards as I am sure I will be rather bored with your repetitive posts and therefore asleep!
  11. Hotscar

    Whats your private plate , or what have u seen ??

    Recently I've seen '007' on an old Roller and 'J4MES' on a Q7.
  12. Hotscar

    My Christmas Pressent to myself arrived Yesterday

    D3's are made for the motorway bowfer so you'll get a good 40k out of yours!
  13. Hotscar

    Shell VS BP VS Esso ------ VOTE HERE!!

    V Power all the way.
  14. Hotscar

    My 07 Sprint Blue S3

    Really nice mate and I really like those seats but I have to be honest; I'm not sure about the shortened number plates.
  15. Hotscar


    Really nice, love the seats as well!
  16. Hotscar

    Whats your private plate , or what have u seen ??

    I'm sure that can't be right. Evo 5's are pre 05 which means you can't have that plate on one. I have a private S3 plate that has nothing to do with my name and I'll just let it go with the car. Given the fact there are blokes out there with pen1ses as small as mine, I hope it'll make the...
  17. Hotscar

    Misano red s3

    Looks nice mate!!
  18. Hotscar

    A3 cabriolet

    The convertible looks like a Mondeo from the back.
  19. Hotscar

    Beat an M3 last night from a standing start.

    But you clearly do not drive a solar orange S3 and you were not seeing off an M3, so, your point is?