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  1. Chris5

    Damaged headlight

    I managed to bang into something not paying attention. The headlight glass isn't smashed but the plastic bit under the bonnet has cracked. Does the headlight separate and can just change the plastic clips or is it one piece? Any idea how much a whole new headlight would be it's the Audi s3 2015...
  2. Chris5

    Engine cooling system

    Went out to the barbers which is about 20mins drive away, got there fine then driving back home on the motorway I decided to put the foot down a bit then the engine cooling system fault light came up, I was 5 minutes from the house so just carried on home. What's best to do, check the level when...
  3. Chris5

    S3 seat covers

    Can anyone reccend good seat covers. Iv been using my car for work recently and I'm an electrician so it's a mess right now. Getting a luxury detail valet next week so i either need a good seat cover or I'm thinking of just buying a packet of the 100 disposable valeting ones
  4. Chris5

    Glasgow Detailer

    Does anyone know of a good detailer in Glasgow area?
  5. Chris5

    S3 to RS3

    My car has 2 years left on its lease so by the time I get the facelift rs3 in 2 years unless I hand my car back early will the 8v model still be about for a while or will there be a 8... In the making? I would rather a new s3/rs3 8... than what would be an old style rs3 8v
  6. Chris5

    S3 Petrol/Mileage

    How many miles have you got out a full tank? Planning on going from Glasgow to Newcastle then back to Glasgow over the weekend will cover about 350 miles all in. Would I get this out a full tank?
  7. Chris5

    Tyre pressure

    I have the standard 18" S3 alloys just wondering what pressures people run them at
  8. Chris5

    Cleaning interior

    What do you use to clean the interior plastics around the gearstick, door handle area and the area where the window buttons are. The window button area is the worst for me whatever I use it always leaves a mark
  9. Chris5

    Glasgow Audi Service

    Question about service time and the cost of a service. I know it's been asked before but just looking for a more recent answer about the service times. Iv had my car 1 year this week covered under 7000 miles but according to the car service isn't due for a while so should I get a service now...
  10. Chris5

    Hit and run

    Driving to the gym 300 yards away and a car decides to fly up the inside lane cut me up while hitting into my passenger side damaging my bumper and wheel arch. Followed him for around 20mins while on the phone to the police hoping a car would catch up with us but that never happened. Seen he had...
  11. Chris5

    S3 slow puncture

    rear left tyre has a slow puncture can I get a normal cheap puncture repair from my local garage or is something else needed
  12. Chris5

    Remap - after May ECU

    My pal got his s3 remapped by APR last week and his was the +May build. Can revo do this yet? Was waiting to get the revo remap but might just go with APR think there pretty much the same anyway.
  13. Chris5

    Lost Key

    Anyone know how much it would be to get a new key? Will need to have two keys when I hand the car back, would probably get over charged for a key if it goes back with 1 so would rather sort it myself.
  14. Chris5

    VCDs Glasgow

    Is there anyone in Glasgow or surrounding areas that I could met up with to do some VCDs changes to my car?
  15. Chris5

    Car lease - Private plate

    When trying to get the plate on my car through the dvla website it asks me for the v5 number which I don't have as my car is leased through VW financial services so how would this work? Also I read I will need to make the nominee VW finance aswell? Can anyone with a lease car and private reg on...
  16. Chris5

    S3 - Straight pipe

    is this worth doing and causes no problems? Want that little bit more sound but don't want it over the top. Seen a video on YouTube of a red salon and it sounded good Anyone done it who can advise me
  17. Chris5

    S3 - Glasgow mechanics

    Can anyone recommend good garages around Glasgow area to fit my lowering springs. Found a garage online took my car there and drove off when I seen the place as it looked a dump, can't imagine they would take much care of doing work on my car. The small things concern me like chipping the...
  18. Chris5

    S3 water coolant

    Noticed over a week ago maybe more, less than 300 miles anyway that my water coolant was sitting on the min when I was topping up my scooshers so I filled it back upto just about max. Doing the scooshers again tonight it's sitting just below min again. Not getting any warning signs on the dash...
  19. Chris5

    Audi finance - private reg

    Has anyone put a private reg on their car who have it through Audi finance? Just want to know the procedure before I buy a private plays.
  20. Chris5

    Launch control problems

    The last 3/4 times doing launch control the from hear change 1 into 2 it seems to stop a bit then go then the rest of the gear changes are smooth. It's as if the car pauses for a second then decides it's time to go. Anyone else had this problem?