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  1. Carefree69

    Facelift A3 1.0 tfsi Sportback Sport mini review

    I've had my 1.0 tfsi for 2 weeks now and can safely say that it's a superb engine. I came from an A3 2.0TDI and before that a vRS 1.9 TDI and it definitely doesn't feel inferior. Granted, both previous cars were pretty brisk going through the gears but the 1.0 tfsi engine is still very capable...
  2. Carefree69

    IPhone 7 plus

    Good people of ASN. Does anyone know if the iPhone 7 Plus fits into the armrest space, with the MMI lead in and all ready to go? I’m looking to get one in the next day or so but probably won’t if it won’t fit. I have searched but I cannot find the answer. Thanks all.
  3. Carefree69

    Facelift Picking up tomorrow

    Hi all, Just crossing over from the 8P section after having been a member of this site for just over 3 years. Currently own a 2010 A3 Sportback Sport TDI 140 and tomorrow at 09.30 collecting my new Sportback Sport tfsi Glacier white Privacy glass Folding mirrors Everything else that comes with...
  4. Carefree69

    140TDI engine cut out

    So there I was earlier driving to work and at a set of traffic lights no more than 200 yards from work I stopped the car at a red light. I had the start/stop deactivated but after sitting for 2/3 minutes I went to pull away in 1st gear and noticed that the engine was off. I don't think there...
  5. Carefree69

    Help needed

    So today I drove my car for the first time in nearly four weeks (apart from one day last week) and all was good on my 14 mile journey. However, on my way back again (after leaving it parked for a couple of hours) I noticed that the battery light momentarily lit up on the dash. I was literally...
  6. Carefree69

    What's my issue then?

    Ok, weird one this because my symptoms seem different to everyone else's I've read about. Basically after a 14 mile drive into work yesterday and as I was crawling into the yard at work my temp gauge was reading just a tad to the left of 90 degrees. Once the engine had warmed up on my way in...
  7. Carefree69

    Has paranoia set in already?

    Folks On my way home from work tonight, about 10 miles into my journey I smelt a coolant-ish smell in the car, it lasted only momentarily but it was pretty strong. Then, about a mile later whilst in 4th gear the car seemed to judder (but only for a split second). This alarmed me so as I was...
  8. Carefree69

    New a3 owner, advice appreciated please.

    Hi all, newbie here and would really appreciate some advice. I purchased a 2010 60 plate A3 2.0TDI Sportback 4 weeks ago from a well establised independant dealership. The car had 2 previous owners, FSH but not all Audi and only 38,400 miles. It is in very good nick both inside and out HOWEVER...