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    anybody fluent in elaswin diagrams

    as above, ive now got all the info for the dimming mirror install, but haven't a clue what the diagram shows, I need some one who can read it and tell me which wire goes to what pin lol jake
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    Auto dimming mirror/lights retro help. Anyone

    Hey guys Looking to retrofit a dimming mirror with light sensor to my b7. I've found some info bar the wiring to the ccm for the auto light side of things. I've pm'd three people who offer retro fitting services with no reply, Can anyone who's done this shed some light on it please Jake
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    Looking for part number of cigarette lighter blank b7

    For some reason I can't find the part number, Basically want the blank fitted instead if the fag lighter in my car
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    my A4 avant quattro

    Here's the replacement Audi a4 s line, avant Quattro special edition lol.* 2.0Tfsi* Mfsw Cruise control Comfort indicators Mfd I bought the car off pat, long time member of ukmivs and a big dubber, so I knew the history.* My plans are simple, oem plus.* The cars already lowered on hr...
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    -audi a4 se -

    hey guy's swapped my mk4 golf anniversary for the new audi today,the lad turned up at about 11:30 dint leave till half two lol, both parties happy with the swap, so got set about giving it a good clean, the outside tbh is very clean, i was going to run the buffer over it but, at the...
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    new audi owner

    hey guy's just a quick hello, just swapped my anni for an a4 this was the anni DSC_2179 copy by cuprajake1, on Flickr and the audi audi8 by cuprajake1, on Flickr 2.0tdi 140 - i have had a 1.9tdi b5.5 before and so far so good turning to the dark side lol
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    hey guy's not an audi but it bears the same blood, my leon cupra r 2005 lcr 1.8t bam engine Engine bay Custom code stage1 remap Custom Cat back exhaust decat Jetex cone filter logged at flowing 230gs Forge Motorsport Turbo inlet pipe (T.I.P) Forge Motorsport 007p recirculating dv Forge...