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  1. Whodafunk

    Mystery oil leak

    I have an A3 2007 2.0 TFSI Quattro I’ve got a slight oil leak but can’t work out where from. There is wet oil on the heat shield around the cat (directly above the propshaft), there is oil on the subframe, electric steering rack, and some oil on the banjo bolt of the turbo. I’ve laid...
  2. Whodafunk

    Strange smell

    when the engine is warm, with the windows down or heaters on I can smell what I believe is oil vapour. I can also smell the same smell from under the bonnet. I’ve checked all breather hoses etc and can’t see/smell any leaks. No signs of oil and no leaks on the floor. It’s had a new genuine...
  3. Whodafunk

    2007 A3 Sportback 2.0 TFSI Quattro

    2007 Audi A3 Sportback 2.0 TFSI Quattro S-Line (manual) Misano Red Two tone leather sports seats 60k miles 3 owners, completely standard and unmolested example BOSE sound system Rear parking sensors Heated seats Full History mainly with Audi, last serviced August 2018 (2 keys) Cambelt &...
  4. Whodafunk

    ECON light won’t turn off

    I have a 2007 A3 8PA 2.0 TFSI Quattro ECON light won’t turn off and I have no air con. Scanned with VCDS and had a fault 00796 internal temp sensor, which is the fan behind the climate control unit. I changed that with a genuine new Audi part but it didn’t fix my problem. Checked the air con...
  5. Whodafunk

    Help with messages

    how do you see the whole thread of messages you have exchanged with someone? I’m looking back through a conversation but I can only go back a few messages
  6. Whodafunk

    Passenger Airbag On warning

    I did my front brakes today (not helped by a two hour downpour). After I did the passenger side I got in the car to press the brake pedal but when the ignition was turned on it beeped and I got a warning saying "PASSENGER AIRBAG ON" This stays on and won't go away and there's the orange...
  7. Whodafunk

    Anyone after a nice 3.2

    Unfortunately I might have to sell my 3.2 to try and save some funds. Is anyone in the market for a nice low mileage example? It's a black 2007 3.2 V6 Quattro with DSG full black leather etc. Only 2 previous owners and FSH & MOT. Full stainless exhaust and sports cats. Only 66k miles aswell...
  8. Whodafunk

    3.2 V6 Quattro DSG low miles

    S Line Audi A3 3.2 Quattro, DSG with paddle shift, 65k miles, full service history, last serviced in February (oil filters & spark plugs). MOT til 30.09.17. Stainless steel exhaust and stainless sports cats fitted in June with lifetime guarantee. Fantastic condition, well cared for, no faults...
  9. Whodafunk

    Wiring layout

    ive used alldatadiy to try and diagnose fault P2196. It suggests it's either a faulty o2 sensor, faulty wiring harness or faulty Engine Control Module (ECM). Since I've changed the sensor I'm looking at testing the wiring harness. Question, is there anywhere I can find a layout of the...
  10. Whodafunk

    Understanding Fuel Trims

    I am trying to get my head around short and long term fuel trim (STFT / LTFT) information to help diagnose a fault. I have code P2196 which is Bank 1 Sensor 1 Rich. LTFT for Bank 1 is +22% (Bank 2 is normal, around the zero mark) I understand that the engine is compensating for a LEAN...
  11. Whodafunk

    2007 3.2 Quattro DSG - low mileage

    Im regrettably selling my A3, take a look here...
  12. Whodafunk

    A3 3.2 air leak?

    I have a 2007 A3 3.2 Quattro. Today with the hood up and engine running I have noticed what sounds like a small air leak when I blip the throttle. Almost sounds like something blowing through a tube if that makes sense. It's got that sort of sound to it. I have a fault code for rich running...
  13. Whodafunk

    P2196 Bank 1 Sensor 1 (too rich)

    Ok, so in June I had a new exhaust and sports cat fitted to my 2007 A3 3.2 Quattro. Immediately afterwards I got a load of different fault codes, including cat below efficiency, too lean post cat, too rich pre cat etc etc. I understood the post cat faults given I had a sports cat fitted, but...
  14. Whodafunk

    Are lambda sensors sided

    I have a V6 and two post cat lambda sensors. I know the connector colours are black and brown for bank 1 and bank 2, but are the sensors themselves sided? I have two new black connector lambda sensors, can I use a black one to replace the old brown one?
  15. Whodafunk

    Caliper wind back tool

    I've tried to wind back my offside rear caliper with a tool that turns clockwise but it wont budge. Does anyone know if it turns anticlockwise and I need a different tool? I have a 2007 A3 3.2, thanks
  16. Whodafunk

    What size brakes

    Anyone know the disc sizes front and back for the A3 3.2 and part numbers if possible including pads? Various sites seem to list several different sizes
  17. Whodafunk

    Part number required

    Im trying to fins the part number for a fuel pressure regulator for a 2007 A3 8P1 3.2 V6 Anyone know it, and does anyone have a link to a parts catalogue for Audi? Thanks
  18. Whodafunk

    Sports Cats - engine management light

    So today I had a full stainless exhaust fitted including some stainless sport cats at Tony Banks in Leeds. Very pleased with their work and it sounds superb. However... on my way home, as I gave it some beans I got an engine management light. I assumed this would be to do with the emissions...
  19. Whodafunk

    Aftermarket stereo install help

    I've bought a Kenwood double din headunit to replace the Concert double din in my 2007 A3 3 door (non bose). I have the Kenwood supplied loom (left in the picture) a CT20AU05 adapter / double Fakra adaptor purchased from ebay (right in the picture). Questions... 1) The adapter doesnt have...
  20. Whodafunk

    Rear wiper seized... Fixed

    So my rear wiper stopped working on my 2007 3 door A3. It would get half way and then stop, until it got to a point where it wouldn't work at all. I removed the motor to investigate and it turns out the gear inside the unit had rusted solid and would not move. Basically I stripped it down and...