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  1. y15usf

    Windows Won't Open - Safe Mode

    Hi All, My A3 Is in safe mode. The car start fine and drives ect. Only thing i have noticed is that the windows will not open. None of the 4 even from any switch, master or slaves. I heard read safe mode can do this sometimes. Does anyone know why i am seeing safe mode, how i can clear it...
  2. y15usf

    Safe Mode - Help

    Hi All, My car is in safe mode and beacuse of it i am unable to open my windows. Everything in the car works perfectly. Car starts and Drives but where the odometer is there is safe written. Does anyone know how to get rid of this? Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk
  3. y15usf

    Misfire help

    Hi All, I did a carbon clean for a customer today and a few hours later the customer has reported misfiring. Normally with a carbon clean we put the nozzle after the MAF. This particular car (1.4tfsi) 10 plate has no maf sensor. The car misfires bad under high acceleration. The car is...
  4. y15usf

    How to start up in vehicle diagnostics

    Hi Guys, I wanna start up in the world of vehicle programming, tech etc. I have so far invested in a VCDS but find it quite useless when it comes to other cars. I wanted to know what tools you guys would recommended that covers a wide ranges of vehicles, give me advanced features like...
  5. y15usf

    A3 8P - Facelift, VCDS Mods List - Add to the list :)

    Hi Guys, I am new to the vcds scene and just wanted to know / get a list of mods available for the a3 8P. I had seen a forum in the past but in the end it became a conversation about weather a3 has memory seats or not. I have done a few my self but being new i don't know what else i can do...
  6. y15usf

    Half of car lights not working

    OK this is gonna be a hard one to explain. So once in a while my car will do this thing where at the back left tail lights would stop working and at the front the front right side headlight, indicator and fog light would stop working as well. So an example of this is last night happened...
  7. y15usf

    Stronic 6 Speed Software Update

    Hi Guys, Does anyone know how to do a software update on the DSG not a gearbox remap where paprmeters are changed. Just want it to be on the latest version so it runs smoother ect. Is it easy ? Is there a high upfromt cost ? Wanted to do this on a DIY baisis.
  8. y15usf

    Anyone Selling A S3 RSN-E

    Hi guys Is anyone selling a good condition well priced unit? Before everyone tells me that i should get a after market unit instead i know it will be worth my money and i will get more features from an after market one. But i have allready have a sophisticated set up in my car which runs...
  9. y15usf

    how do golf's get better mpg than audis with same engine

    Of course there will be a few factors like areo dynamics and weight but the Audi surely has better areos and cant weigh to much more to affect the mpg so much. Golf MPG : Urban Mpg 44.1 mpg Extra Urban Mpg 70.6 mpg Fuel Consumption 57.6 mpg My Audi MPG : Urban Mpg 38.6 mpg Extra Urban...
  10. y15usf

    5x120 on Audi A3 ?

    Hi guys, Found a set of bbs rims i wanted for my Audi turns out they were on a BMW so they would have the 5x120 fitting compared to audis 5x112. To be honest i am a noob to rims and have no clue what the difference is, if someone can explain what the difference is and why it won't fit or if...
  11. y15usf

    Diagnose misfire with VCDS

    Hi guys, Bought a VCDS kit recently and wanted to diagnose a misfire my friend has on his Seat Altea. Is this possible via VCDS, how much information would i be able to gather etc? Just some guidance would be appreciated as i am new to the VCDS world.
  12. y15usf

    VCDS on non VAG cars ?

    Hi guys, So i recently bought a VCDS and am awaiting delivery but in the meanwhile, I've been thinking of all the things i could use it for. My question is am i able to use it on non-vag cars for like reading codes and clearing codes, for example removing airbag light. Obviously i get you...
  13. y15usf

    Starter guide to getting set up for VCDS

    Hi Guys, Looking to get into VCDS coding but wanted to know any strater tips and what kit I should buy. I want the tool that will allow me to modify code in the car to code in certain features or changes. Not a diagnostic tool to tell me issue and faults. What will I have to buy to get...
  14. y15usf

    Can i get a BKD common rail engine ?

    Been search for this answer and looks like people say you cannot get a common rail BKD engine. People have advised an easy way to differentiate PD from CR is to listen to the engine, it should sound like a tractor right? Well, mine does not and is very quiet, my friends and family thought it...
  15. y15usf

    Make my turbo louder!

    Hi Guys, Wanted to ask about to see what you guys have done to make your turbo louder. I have an Air induction kit and it has made my turbo louder. I wanted to know what else could I do to get a louder turbo without upgrading mine. A turbo upgrade is something I'm looking to do in the...
  16. y15usf

    Audi Chorus Bluetooth - Play music ?

    Hi Guys, My Audi has the chorus infotainment system fitted in and the car has a Bluetooth where I can connect my phone. However when I connect my phone all I can do is make calls via the car, is there not a way to use this function to play music via the Bluetooth.
  17. y15usf

    Best Engine OIL for 2.0 TDI ????

    Hi Guys, Wanted to know what the best engine oil for the 2.0 L TDI's is. I am using 5w 30 as recommended by the manual. I use shell helix ultra but some people have been telling me Castrol is better for the audis. Is this true or this just an impression people get because they are a big...
  18. y15usf

    Biggest rims fitted with stock suspension - A3

    I have been looking around to get some new rims soon and I have been looking at getting bigger rims than my stock 17-inch ones. My current preference has been 19-inch rims and from messuring, it looks like it should fit with good clearance. I wanted to know if anyone has had issues with...
  19. y15usf

    Lack of cup holders

    I mean every Audi 8p owner can express on this matter, the car was ******* built with literally no space to put anything especially cups. It's like they forgot about the cupholders when designing the car until last minute where they were like lets put it under the centre console The cup...
  20. y15usf

    Common Symptoms for a failing S-Tronic Gearbox.

    Hi Guys, Im new here, First post, the noob xD Quick question is what are the common symptoms for a failing S-Tronic Gearbox for the people who had to experience this unfortunately. I have a weird thing where my car likes to rev up to 4k revs or so before gearing up on drive and red line to...