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    Large air con vent ?

    I've tried to open the large vent on the l/h side but never feel any Air coming through, is there a secret to this? Also I don't find the air con that cold when compared to my BMW how do others rate it, thanks, Simon.
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    Exterior door handle cap Part no?

    I tried to vinyl wrap the chrome caps on my door handles but they didn't last long, would anybody have a Part number for the exterior handles in total Mythos black? Or an idea of the price individually? Thanks, Simon.
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    What are wire for in my door handles

    I was looking at the back of my door handles and when lifting them you can see a couple of wires routing into them, I have the recess for the finger print opening and also clear lenses underneath which must be for night lighting however I don't appear to have either of these options, do they...
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    What just happened ??

    I was coasting down a hill with no traffic in front of me, probably covering the brake when all of a sudden the left front locked for a millisecond (heard it skid) then I had a bingbong and a red triangle/exclamation mark for a split second then nothing, put the bleeding jitters up me I can tell...
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    Chrome door handle trim removal?

    I have the exterior door handle chrome caps which I really don't like, does anybody know how to remove them and can you just swap them out with black items? Thanks, Simon.
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    Boot opening from inside and key fob

    Opening my boot on my 2017 S4 Avant seems different from what the book says, unless I'm reading it wrong. If car is locked when I press boot on key fob the boot will open. If car is unlocked when I press boot on fob the boot clicks, opens a few mm then closes, if I press the boot fob again the...
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    Chrome door handle cap removal?

    I have the chrome caps on the door handles of my S4 B9, does anybody know if they can be easily removed and does it just leave the body colour beneath, or is the cap part of the handle ?
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    B&O best/favourite settings?

    This has probably been discussed before, but what are people's thought on settings for B&O STEREO, i haven't had my car a week yet so still fiddling.
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    S4 Avant front grill options?

    I've bought a new S4 Avant in Mythos black (absolutely love it). It was a stock car so no choice of options it has a lot of chrome trim and wondered what options/prices were available for a black grill? Thanks, Simon.
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    My first Audi, S4 Avant.

    Hi, well I ended up in a new Mythos black S4 Avant after ordering a Mercedes A45 AMG (long story), so I'm still waiting for some paperwork from dealer and have asked them some questions, as what's in the car is different from what was on the build sheet. Maybe you guys can help? The car decal in...