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    Lane Assist randomly not seeing lanes

    Hello, Since I got my A4, a year ago, my car seems to struggle with the Lane Assist. Often I would drive on a nice highway, with good, visible lane markings and yet the car suddenly stops seeing the lanes. Usually after a few minutes it works again. I visited the dealer multiple times, they...
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    Bang&Olufsen - A-pillar speakers not working?

    Hello, Can somebody who has B&O check if they can hear any sound from the A-pillar 2 speakers/grills? I hear nothing from either of them and was wondering if something is not connected in my car or are they supposed only to make some unhearable 3D effects? Thanks in advance for help!
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    Matrix LED - different shades/color temperature?

    Hello, I've lately noticed that my headlamps are not exactly the same 'temperature'. The left LED generates visibly more yellow light than the right one. Of course it's not something that is really affecting the overall quality of the visibility but for a quality brand like Audi I find that...
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    Strange noise when turning the wheel rapidly at low speed

    Hi guys, I was testing my car lately (after wheels alignment) and I noticed that when I make very quick, sudden turns with the steering wheel I can hear some noise like some grinding/rubbing. It happens at low speeds when I turn the wheel to the left or right very sharply. Wonder if it's normal...
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    A4 B9 - small bugs and issues that should be resolved?

    Hi, I was thinking that I would post here some of the things that I noticed after having driven almost 15 000 km in my car. Would be great if other owners could comment or add some more issues that they found out that Audi should fix with some updates: 1. Lane assist - randomly stops working...
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    Bonnet and the front door panel alignment

    Some time ago I noticed that on some A4 B9 the hood is not really perfectly aligned in relation to the front door edge. In my car and in the car at the dealers, if you look closely from the front, the edge of the hood is slightly recessed. It looks as if the hood was a bit too narrow for the car...
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    A4 B9 Limousine, Monsoon Grey photos

    Hello, I thought I will share some photos of my car for people who consider getting this color. Sorry for the quality of the pictures, but they were taken with my phone and the car already got a bit dirty ;) If you have any questions - I would be happy to answer them.
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    Head-up display + sun reflection

    Hello, I have been driving with my head-up display since December and I found out one annoying thing. On sunny days, when the sun shines from a certain angle, there appears quite intense and annoying reflection on the windshield. It's disturbing to such degree that I could say it's a safety...
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    Door adjustment - worth risking?

    Hi, Since I'm not 100% satisfied with the sound insulation in my A4, I'm thinking if it would make sense to slightly adjust the door on the striker, to make it close tighter. I noticed that if I push the door tighter to the seals - it gets a bit quieter in the car. Does anybody have any...
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    Too much traffic noise?

    Hello, I'm curious about the feedback of the owners of the new A4 concerning the sound deadening in this car. Already in all the promos and previews Audi claimed that the new A4 is the quietest in the class. My feeling is that it's fairly quiet in terms of wind noise, tire noise, but not so...