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    Facelift bang and olufsen help

    hi just having a look around our car ,does anyone know if the A3 convertible with bang and olufsen sound and full tech pack has a subwoofer , have no subwoofer control on mmi and cant see anything in the boot , do convertibles get fitted with subwoofer . seems like i am missing something if...
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    wheres my thread gone

    opened a thread about dtuk or tmc tuning box and it's gone vanished ,any ideas , would be nice to be told and reason for its deletion
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    1.5 tfsi harsh throttle

    we have had our 18 reg 1.5 tfsi convertible for about a month, when looking for one read about the poor throttle response , but ours seems the opposite i have just fitted winter tyres and wheels and the car is spinning the front wheels up for a past time, slight movement on the throttle and the...
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    android auto not working

    hi guys just taken delivery of a a3 1.5 tfsi convertible 2018 , so has Audi smartphone interface, my iPhone is no problem but the wife's Samsung j3(2017) will not connect it doesn't recognise it at all , Bluetooth connection is no problem ,i have checked the software is up to date and its...
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    beep on lock/unlock

    hi just looked at a 2018 sline audi a3 convertible today and it made a beeping noise on lock/unlock is this standard or has the previous owner coded this in with obd eleven or carista .thanks
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    a3 convertible

    currently have a 2.0 tfsi mk3 tt roadster, looking at an a3 convertible narrowed it down to 2.0 tfsi with vc and audi sound system or 1.4 tfsi with comfort and sound pack but no vc . my question is it better to have vc or comfort and sound with the b&o sound system