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    Online Service Record Help

    I have an Audi S3 which was serviced last year by an independent. They said it asked for KM so converted the mileage to KM. I have emailed Audi uk CEO with still no luck. The help is really poor. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can get this incorrect mileage on Erwin sorted please ...
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    Online service record - incorrect mileage help!

    I have an Audi S3 which was serviced last year by an independent. They said it asked for KM so converted the mileage to KM. I have emailed Audi uk CEO with still no luck. The help is really poor. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can get this incorrect mileage on Erwin sorted please ...
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    S3 2017 3 Door Rear Window Seal Replacement

    Can anyone help please ? I’ve caught very slightly while attempting to wrap my rear window seal at the bottom. Not really noticeable but how hard is it to replace. It’s a 3 door hatch and in the black seal at the bottom of the window. Costs / part numbers would be appreciated ! Thanks Jack
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    Audi Connect App on an S3 Help

    I’ve got a 2017 S3. I’m trying to connect it to the app, speaking to Audi customer service I need to be defined as the owner. The local garage are adamant they have done it/nothing more to do so just after if anyone has the same as me? I have a grey key tag with a 7 digit tag not the 10 digit...
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    S3 Daytona Grey Chrome

    Ive got a 2017 S3 3 Door in Daytona Grey. I want to get rid of most of the chrome. How did people go about this. I’m thinking possible paint the grill as it’s got the sensors then vinyl the window trims. Does anyone have any pictures if there’s dechromed as I’m undecided ! Thanks
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    S3 - Security!

    Hi all, Picking up an S3 Faceflift 3 door hatch on Friday. Its got the advanced key. Im a bit worried about how secure these are and what I can do to help reduce the chance of it going walkabout! Ive looked through the forums and can anyone give me some advice on what to do. Im going to...
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    Wind Noise I cant find ! Help Please !

    Got a 3 door a3 2011. When i get up to speed, normally around 70mph i get a wind sounding noise. Ive tried thening air con off, cirulation on, all sorts. It still does it with the fans turned off to. It get worse when i open a window. Does anyone have any clues as to what this could be pleaze...
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    Air Con not working. Please help!

    Hello, I have a 2011 Audi A3 2.0 TDI with air con that is not engaging. It's full of gas, I have checked the fuses under the engine and next to the steering wheel but that's about it. Any help please on locations of other things to check and/or what to try? Much appreciated Jack
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    Noise When Starting Car

    Hello, When i start my car from cold when it starts it makes a noise for a while, sounds like a belt noise, However after ive driven around it no longer makes the sound. Any idea what this is and how to fix it? My car is a A3 2011 2.0tdi 170. Thanks in advance, Jack!
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    RNS E Help

    Hello, I have a 2011 Audi A3 2.0tdi which I retrofitted an RNS E into a few months ago. I don't have the telephone prep/Bluetooth modules however my dad is trading in his Audi A4 2.0tdi 2011 which has the telephone prep etc I was wondering if there would be anyway I could take the modules out...
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    Smashed Wing Mirror :((

    Hello all, I was driving home this evening when my car and another cars wing mirrors hit. I need the following parts, Indicator lens Mirror Glass Bottom plastic - has the corner missing (which isn't any colour and can't seem to find this online ) Forgot to add its the drivers side mirror!! The...
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    Rns E Screen Replacement Help

    Hello all, I have recently retrofitted an RNS-E LED (G) into my A3 and it had only been in a few days until one of my friends scratched the screen :(. Ive tried some meguiars plastic x stuff, but didnt do the job. The actual LCD isnt damaged, so can you just replace the plastic over the top of...
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    Hello all, Im a bit confused.. looked over the forums and cant find exactly what im looking for! Ive got an Audi RNSe Unit coming tomorrow which im going to put in my Audi A3 2.0TDI 2011 with Bose. Im not sure what ill need to do as far as getting all to work spot on, some say its plug and...
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    CH/LH lights Setup for 2011 Guide HELP

    Hello, I have a Audi A3 S-line 2011 without auto headlights/wipers. Ive programmed VCDS to get CH/LH lights on the DIS, however I have to flick the stalk. I believe there is a guide somewhere which allows you to get them working properly, ie via opening the door or remote? Any help or pointing...
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    Wheel colour, help/opinions needed!!

    Hello Everyone, I have a 2011 white Audi a3 sline and I had the wheels painted, however I don't like the colour as they have a very slight blue tint to them. I'm going to get them re done. I'm thinking of a more lighter silver but not sure, so if anyone has any pictures with their wheels with...
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    Dension gateway anyone used them?

    I'm looking at getting a Dension Gateway Pro BT GWP1AC1 in my Audi a3 2011 which has a symphony ii. Anyone had any use of them, know if they are any good? Do I need to buy anything or are they all Bose compatible etc? Thanks! Jack
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    Lowering help & advice needed!

    Hello everyone, I know there's a lot on the topic however I can't really find what I'm looking for. I want to lower my 2011 Audi a3 s-line. I believe s line's sit 25mm lower than standard already so if I was to go with springs id probably go for the H&R 50mm springs which should only be 25mm...
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    Snap on Modis and coding help!

    Hello! im trying to code my a3 8p 2011/2012 to have follow me home lights. I can't seem to find any codes or of what I can find I can't find how to use it with the Modis! any help/codes/instructions would be more than appreciated! Thanks, Jack
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    Audi A3 Headunits with Bose help!

    Hello, I've recently just picked up my audi a3 sline 2011 it has the Symphony headunit. However I want to add the bluetooth Aswell and upgrade the headunit, possibly to the RNS sat Nav ones. I have the Bose speakers could anyone please help me with links/guides so I can get a rough idea of what...
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    Newbe Help! A3 2011 Sline

    Hello, im new to this forum and hopefully going to buy an audi in the new future however I was wondering if anyone could give me some Info on this car from the look of it. I know it has, leather heated seats, adapable Xenon lights - are these the pure white ones? Does anyone have pics of then...