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  1. djb83


    just a wee post to say my s3 has ben sold the engine needed replaced according to my audi specialist and said it could run into thousands upon thousands of pounds so it was time to say bye so it got traded in and ive ended up with a family car :angrymod:i'll miss my s3 tho ill not miss the bills...
  2. djb83


    hi all been losing coolant recently and the exhaust has been smoking constantly but im not using exess oil so im cunfussed is it a hg issue or a turbo issue although ive found what looks like ccolant in the drivers footwell its wet and has a white ring round the mat so has any one got any ideas...
  3. djb83

    aaaaaaaaaargh !!!!!

    right here goes last week my power steering rack went and died on me so got a new 1 so i got the car back £33o later and now it's making a squeeling noise mabye the pump has ran dry so i think i'm on the lookout for a power steering pump any 1 got 1 spare for cheap cheap lol
  4. djb83

    power steering pipe

    does anyone know where i can get hold of a power steering pipe for my ess3 im located just between glasgow and edinburgh and i need to find one quickly any help greatly apreciated cheers :icon_thumright:
  5. djb83

    power steering

    so went to get my abs sensor fixed today and a power steering pipe popped on me so thats more money going out to the car this month any one else had any issues like this or is it just my bad luck with cars returning :motz:
  6. djb83

    Air mass sensor(g70)

    :sadlike: went on my freeware vag com and it came up air mass sensor (g70) intermittent signal too low does that mean new maf for the car also abs sensor left side (g74) wheel speed sensor intermittent and it's smoking badly too not having a great time at the moment :banghead:
  7. djb83


    alright was wondering has any one got a n/s pre facelift headlight or ballast for sale mines died on me last night been on fleabay and other sites no luck :3sadwalk: don't want to go to the stealers as they are too expensive so any help appreciated cheers dave :anbet:
  8. djb83

    blue faceift s3 in viewpark?

    i seen a blue s3 facelift in viewpark while i was in my silver s3 the other day is is anyone on here ? :kissmyrings:
  9. djb83

    Bad vibrations

    right here goes i have a bad vbration on my passenger side wheel when breaking from high speed so i'm thinking wheel bearing ? anybody any ideas what else it could be ? any advice greatly appreciated :yes: cheers !
  10. djb83

    LCD display question

    awrite guys n gals just a small question about my lcd display i have a 99-t plate s3 and when the doors or boot is open it osent show on my displa is this normal for the 99 s3 or is there something wrong with mine because i know facelift ones do it cheers, dave :icon_thumright:
  11. djb83

    Too much smoke out of exhaust

    :sos:HELP started up the s3 yesterday when it was cold and it had a bit of excess steam/smoke thought it would clear thogh it didnt was still doing it this morning so i ran it for about 15mins on tick over and it's still doing it any ideas what it could be theres no sludging in the water and oil...
  12. djb83

    VAG-com lead

    just bought a vag-com lead of fleabay and installed it into my laptop which uses windows vista when i do a scan of the engine if comes up half way through saying that i need to register to vag-com has anyone else had this problem with theres ? any replys most welcome so i can sort th problem...
  13. djb83

    Exhaust ?

    hi i need a miltek ehaust for my 99 s3 but ive been quoted just short of £600 supplied and fitted for a cat back resonated anybody know of a dealer near glasgow that can do this for cheaper ? :greyrs4: any replies will be appreciated
  14. djb83


    hi all just about to get an exhaust went to c+c coustoms today and got quoted £437 or a 3" system from the cat back witch is cheaper than a miltek from drivers in glasgow the quoted me a miltek supplied and fitted for just shy of £600 im i better off with the miltek or do coustom exhausts work...