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  1. Moon

    2020 Detailing to-do/want-to-do/NEED-to-do List!

    Firstly, @Bristle Hound Happy New Year bud - and to all the others on here that offer such invaluable advice to the detailing-newbs like myself. Plans for 2020 are: DA Polisher if I'm feeling brave! Wheels-off to clean the barrels properly as they have glued-on grime! Return the exhaust tips...
  2. Moon

    To lance or not to lance?!

    Hi guys. New here to the forum and very, very new to detailing! Just picked up my new car last week, and after year’s of leasing a car, I’m now looking forward to the prospect of detailing as it’s effectively “our” car. (Well it’s a PCP so it’s not technically ours!) Anyway, eventually I’d...
  3. Moon

    New member here!

    Hi guys. Just taking this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Atul and I’ve signed up today to the forum. I did a google search and found this to be the best choice for me! I’ll be picking up our 16 plate A4 2.0 TFSI 190 tomorrow. Super excited. I’ve not been on a car forum since...