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  1. grathies

    Best place to advertise an S3

    Alright guys, not been on here in ages (couldnt get away from the place before) but was after some suggestions on where would be the best place to advertise my S3? Ive gone for on here and just put one thru on Piston-Heads, I was wondering if its worth me putting it on ebay or not? I know...
  2. grathies

    Selling a higher milage S3

    Just wanted a few opinions on this (and you lot are more opinionated that most!) Going to be putting my S3 up for sale next week as my Rallye sold today. My S3 is on 130k, last stamped service was at 100k, was serviced at 120k by me (ex Volkswagen employee). It was converted to the...
  3. grathies


    Just wondering really, what badging do you guys run on your cars? When I bought mine it had no badge on the front but a nasty RS3 badge on the back! RS3 Badge came off but the MTM badge stayed and a pre-facelift grille badge went on Now Ive taken off the MTM rear and Grille badge, have got...
  4. grathies

    Couple Of Quick Questions

    Hello A2 People Ive currently got an 8L S3, looking and down sizing as Im really not getting the use out of the 350 horses going to and from work! Been looking at A2s, the 90bhp 1.4 TDi variant, and was wondering how you guys get on with them fuel wise and general driving? Im quite aware...
  5. grathies

    Whats in your changer?

    After a bit of a funny discussion at work about stereotypical driver types dependant on the car, I thought Id see what everyone on here normaly has in their changer when thier out in the car. Ideally after what your listening to and a few words about why you like it/its earned a place in the...
  6. grathies

    Quick Question

    Whos missed me? haha Sorry for my absence guys, been busy with work, travelling and moving house, finally settled but not got the internet there just yet. So its not that I was banned as I saw someone mention in one thread... Im still about tho, not been on here since September 24th at the...
  7. grathies

    1/4 Mile Times

    Know a few lads on here have taken thier S3s down the strip at Pod or Shakespears, just wondering what you guys have got time wise? Be cool to compare times for Standard/Mapped and Sunny/Cloudy etc If you have copys of your timing slips that always helps to verify, be cool to have a Wall...
  8. grathies

    Twin Turbo S3 - BARGIN!

    "1.8 TWIN TURBO" apparently Made me giggle Cheap tho, mind you it is an ex write off. Wouldnt mind his interior!
  9. grathies

    Few Pictures

    Alright fellas, not been on here for a bit, busy with work/travelling/life etc Finally got round to giving the Audi a quick wash on friday, cleaned it up a bit and decided to take a couple of photos, try out some new techniques Ive learned... didnt really work but thought Id let you all see...
  10. grathies

    Portsmouth Area Meet

    Me and a few of the A3/S3 (8L Chassis) guys are trying to organise a meet up for members from in and around the Potsmouth/Southampton area Thats the link to the thread for the meet, were working out the most suitible time, day and...
  11. grathies

    Portsmouth Area A3/S3 Meet (scoobyra/themanthatcan/prawn etc)

    I know a few of the lads from round this way are keen to try and get a little meet setup, so thought Id properly get the ball rolling as we seem to be getting nicer and nicer weekends down here! Obviously trying to agree on a date that is great for everyone is going to be a nightmare, but if...
  12. grathies

    Strongbow Mixed With RedBull

    Word of advice, if your bored and start mixing random drinks, do not try the above It smells like ****. Tastes not to far off that either.
  13. grathies

    Bank of Volkswagen and Audi

    Had a bit of a big 'discussion' with my mates in Germany about there being a bank thats owned by Volkswagen Lots of pisstaking ensued, followed by "Next you will be trying to tell us theres an Audi bank, you gonna get an account?" Having worked for VW I knew there was a Bank of Volkswagen...
  14. grathies

    Took Some Pictures Of My Car

    But my mates Bug got in the way :p (Just coudlnt post it up as is, know not everyones keen on the non-Audi posts!) Thought Id share this with you, not quite as fast or refined as an S3 but does go well and certainly looks different Its based on an Empi GTV Beetle, which was...
  15. grathies

    550bhp RS4 RWD S3

    Probably been done on here before, was searching for information on RollCages and came across this thing: Mmmmm
  16. grathies

    Cold Side Diverter Valve Relocation

    Just wondering, has anyone on here done this? I know its quite popular with the Jap boys, just wondering if any of you lot have had any experience with this on the 20vt engine? Forge do this kit:
  17. grathies

    S3 Detachable Tow Bar

    Strange one but anyone know if ones availible? Kinda getting to the point now where I may need to tow some stuff (Plus Ring trips with mates in Renaults mean I might need to take a towing-dolly with me! lol) Wondering if anyone knows of the availibility of one, Audi werent helpful
  18. grathies

    Back From The Ring

    Well I made it back, 1300odd miles laters.... SOOOOOOO much fun! One of the most scary things Ive ever done in my life, took 3 laps to get the courage to take my car into Kaurrosel, great fun tho Left my camera on the car and it never got seen... only problem was I left my charger at home...
  19. grathies

    Engine Covers

    Basically wondering how many of you run you car with your plastic engine covers on (or carbon ones if your a showy kinda person) and how many run without Also wondering if you guys that run without have the battery cover and screenwash bottle covers on too
  20. grathies

    New Toy...

    Got my bullet camera kit thru today! Gonna be hard wired into my car in my front bumper, has a microphone too which I will mount somewhere suitable! Also have a solid state media recorder so I can record what Im doing. Mainly want it for track-days etc, good for filming my mates...