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  1. Dazboss

    How To Remove Front Audi Rings From The Grill ?

    Hiya :hi: guys not been on here for a while, missed it tbf. Any idea's how to remove the front grill Audi rings badge ? Please
  2. Dazboss

    How To Remove The Interior Mirror, Having A Replacement Windscreen

    Hello all, Any idea's on how to remove the interior mirror as im having a replacement windscreen fitted tomorrow & dont want the bloke just ripping it off. Also what else should i be looking out for when he's removing the screen ?
  3. Dazboss

    Fitting A Non Forge TIP...Question

    Hello all again, Right i've bagged a non Forge TIP. My question is though. What happens if you don't have the alloy tube connector just before the end to the turbo. If you see A3Tom's guide its the second pic from the top. Im guessing it will come with a connector or i'll get a hose...
  4. Dazboss

    What Happened To The Guide On Fitting A TIP

    Hello all, I can't find the guide on fitting a T.I.P pipe. Im sure it was A3Tom who made the guide with all the pics. Can anyone point me to it please ? Cheers.
  5. Dazboss

    My New Job

    Hello all, I've just got a new job today at Euro Car Parts. I will be moving from a motor factors to ECP within the next few weeks. Any body willing to ask for any help with parts or O.E cross ref's etc.. Please just ask & I will do my best to assist you :) Darren
  6. Dazboss

    KTM - X-Bow Audi Engine

    Hi, Just watched a video on the KTM - X-Bow. It has a Audi engine pushing out 260bhp. Anyone know what engine it is. Im guessing its the 20v 1.8 T as on the Forge website the dump valve is a VAG one. Just out of interest....
  7. Dazboss

    Pre-Face Lift To Post Headlight Swop ?

    Hello all, I know this has prob been covered a few times but how easy is this to do ? Is it a case of remove & refit newer ones ? Or is there more involved ??? Thanks Darren.
  8. Dazboss

    What Is The Secondary Air Intake System

    What is this The Secondary Air Intake System ? Im guessing its has something to do with the EGR valve ? Anyone throw any light on this ?
  9. Dazboss

    Options On Lowering Springs Or Coil Overs - A3 Quattro ?

    Hello all, I'm thinking now i've got bigger wheels (17"'s) my A3 needs a drop. I've had a look for coil overs but there expensive. I'm only looking for 30mm - 40mm max so she sits right. Where's best place to per'chase them & do i just slip some spring on or fit some coil overs for the...
  10. Dazboss

    Turbo To Exhaust Manifold Gasket & Manifold Gasket :(

    Right ive had my car checked out by a turbo centre. He said the gasket to exhaust manifold from turbo ( 3 bolt ) & the exhaust manifold are leaking :(. He said he'd need the car for 2 days & quoted me £175 for the job. Also said that the manifold will need skimming in case its warped...
  11. Dazboss

    N249 Bypass - Again Sorry A3 Quattro Help

    Hello, I want to by pass this little piece of pipe works. My engine is 2000 AJQ. My question is do i have this valve ? I have 4mm silcone pipe waiting to be slipped on. I read some where that if you dont have it then all i have to do is run a pipe from my DV to the inlet maniold ...
  12. Dazboss

    Exhaust Manifold I Think Its Cracked :(

    Hello all, Just been and had work on the A3, ive had 4 x new injector seals, crank sensor & lambda sensor. But found that there is a leak in the exhaust before the downpipe. I've found some stainless exhaust manifolds on ebay see below. But im not sure if i need 2 ports or just one. Does...
  13. Dazboss

    Anti Roll Bar Bush Kit - Info

    Hello, I'm replacing my front anti roll bar (body to bar bushes) very soon with a kit. The bushes i need are 20mm dia. What im confused about is why does the kit come with the long bolts ? shown is this link...
  14. Dazboss

    Found A Sump Gasket ;)

    Hey all, Right i know there isn't MEANT to be a sump gasket for the 1.8T 20v engines but by my magic i've found one (only listed for 8 engine codes though). As far as i know only one company makes this gasket. Its not too bad on the price ether. Thought id let you all know. As some people...
  15. Dazboss

    Why Do The Chinese Just Copy Everything ? !!!

    Here ive found a "Made In China" copy of the Forge 007p. Buy at your own will but you'll prob end up buying a proper Forge DV. Glad there is No installation instructions not included because have you seen how they print them, you can never understand the instructions. For £57 may as well get...
  16. Dazboss

    Ideas How To Re-fit Clutch Return Spring ?

    Hello all, When i brought my car few weeks ago, i found a spring & bushes in the door pocket, also noticed the clutch pedal was loose. Looked in to it & found it was the clutch return spring. So i brought a new clutch shaft pin (bit were the bolt goes though) & 2x metal bushes. I've...
  17. Dazboss

    Tried A Short Shifter ?

    Hi all, Came cross this the other day. I used to have one on my old car it was great bita kit. Just wondering if anyone has one on their A3. I know the S3 has a diff kit.
  18. Dazboss

    Anyone Tried These ?

    Hi, I know someone was talking bout re-directing air con air into the inlet but ive just found this (board i know). The idea sounds good but not too sure if it will add anything. If anything might just add bit more air into the intake ...
  19. Dazboss

    German Plates

    Hello all, Has anyone gone for German plates, my mates fitted some to his Seat & they look quite tidy. Thinking bout doing it my self. There pressed alu metal plates £30 a pair.
  20. Dazboss

    Any Idea's how to re-place a 501 in the 3rd brake light ?

    Hello all, Ive got a 501 wedge type bulb out on my 3rd brake light, but how do you remove the surround from the window i dont just wanna yank it offt & break something ?