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    Black Number Plates

    Yeah I thought that was the case, I guess people are justing taking a chance then on modern cars. I wonder what the punishment is, points maybe?
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    Black Number Plates

    Seeing more and more new black cars with classic style black & Silver numbers plates on the roads these days. Just wondering if anybody knows what the legal positionon on this is?
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    BMW Z4 coupe....

    Porsche Cayenne Garden Shed
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    Anyone else forgot today???

    No chance its not worth my life!
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    BMW Z4 coupe....

    Audi TT and Ford Focus have the same head lights!
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    6.6" Width Restrictions with high curbs

    I hate 6.6" Width Restrictions with high curbs!!!!! Whats the point in having posts for markers if the curbs are within the markers!? I curbed a wheel the other day on such a curb and I have to say i wasn't a happy bunny. In my old car MG ZR 1.8 (it was a perfect package for me when I...