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    Intake upgrade

    Hey All, I have a B9 S4 Avant and I am waiting to upgrade my intake. I would love to spend eventuri money, but I’ll most likely keep the car another year or two before upgrading to another car. In short, I want something that will give me a little more noise under the bonnet and a little more...
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    S4 B9 Intake

    Hi Guys , I’m wanting to upgrade my intake for my B9 S4 but do not want to spend loads of money. Ideally sub £200. I purely want it for sound and obviously a little increase in performance. i have seen the RocEuro kit has good reviews. any advice would be great.
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    Roof bars!!!!

    Hi Chaps, I’m stuck! I need some roof bars for my Audi S4 Avant B9. Managed to work out finally that closed and flush are the same who decided to name the same thing twice! questions? will all flush / closed roof bar systems fit? Can I also fit the wider 137/138cm roof bars on with no issues...
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    JB4 for Audi S4 B9

    Morning Guys, Does anyone have any experience of running a JB4 REV 2 box on their S4 B9 or even older/other models. really debating getting one. I don’t want a remap due to warranty etc etc. But a plug and play box with mobile controls seems the best fit for me. Open for recommendations...
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    Audi B9 S4 Avant rev issue

    Hi Guys Newbie here I recently purchased a 2017 S4 Avant, completely love the car, from space, tech to performance. Previous car was a 2016 335d. however, the issue I’m having is when you plant it (kick down) in gears 1,2,3 let’s say to 3k rpm it will continue to Rev and build speed until...