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  1. jamiebennett81

    New 3.2 V6 owner

    Been on here for a little while, originally with my old Seat Leon Cupra stripped out build. Sold that on a while ago, and now just picked this up. 2004 A3 8p 3.2 V6, 104k on the clock, drives lovely. I don't see many of these on the road that much. Few bits going on it already, pressed...
  2. jamiebennett81

    Fitting a Quick Release Steering Wheel - Issues

    Trying to fit a quick release steering wheel to a 2001 Seat Leon Cupra but clearly I am missing a component Steering wheel hub adaptor I'm guessing? I presume I need to remove the spindle, fit a short hub kit in which the quick release kit then fits to? Something like an NRG kit is needed:
  3. jamiebennett81

    Ooohhh A New Look To The Forum

    I was in tears this morning when the site was down.... BUT luckily it came back so I could get my daily fill of audi sport goodness Looks really good though :)
  4. jamiebennett81

    Who's going to VW Action - 29-31 Aug Santapod

    So who's going to VW Action NAS Events VW Action 29-31 Aug at Santapod going to be an awesome weekend
  5. jamiebennett81

    Gearbox/Sump part numbers

    Can anyone help please. I am trying to work out the part number for the three connecting bolts from the gearbox to the sump? it's for a 2001 Seat Leon Cupra Which number is it on the picture below: would appreciate a quick reply so I can get these picked up on Monday please
  6. jamiebennett81

    Coding out Airbag light

    can this be coded out on a Seat Leon Cupra (2001). Due to running bucket seats in my car, wiring harness isn't connected.
  7. jamiebennett81

    Sunday 3rd Aug R-Tech Charity Rolling Road Day

    Just in case anyone is interested there is a big charity RR day happening at R-Tech this Sunday 3rd August, Hinckley Leicestershire http://www.r-techpow...ech-contact.php mostly VAG only of course, but always nice to see a few different cars make it down There is also £3000 worth of prizes...
  8. jamiebennett81

    ABS kicking in on front nearside

    Story goes I have had an odd issue with my seat leon cupra for sometime, where cornering, going right to left with TCS on, the traction control/ABS kicks in, slightly spirited but nothing to warrant it kicking in, but going from left to right, its fine. turn TCS off and then all is well and I...
  9. jamiebennett81

    Editing title of Readers Ride thread?

    Can you edit the title of your readers ride thread? I'm guessing you can't as I cannot see the edit type button to allow me to change the first post of the build thread? Thanks
  10. jamiebennett81

    Consolidating Readers Rides Threads?

    I know I am pretty new here (well been on here since 2008 but only recently started posting) but on many other forums I see typically one Readers Ride section. On here is a great forum with a lot of technical knowledge, but if I want to see all the different types of readers rides, from the...
  11. jamiebennett81

    How long for ASN Stickers - Delivery?

    Hi guys, Ordered my ASN stickers on the 3rd September. How long do they normally take to be delivered? Thanks
  12. jamiebennett81

    Cheap in car camera (HD would be nice)

    Hi, I am looking for a cheap in car camera, one where I can mount (somewhere in my stripped out shell) that can give good decent recording (HD would be nice) so I can get some decent videos up of in car acceleration. Seen a few cheap ones about, but wondering if anyone has experience of using...
  13. jamiebennett81

    Lëon OEM+

    Standard spec: Standard spec: 2001 Black magic Seat Leon Cupra Full black leather interior Electric front seats Electric folding mirrors Electric windows all round rain sensitive wipers Auto dimming rear view mirror Any other usual extra's Modifications: Engine K03 hybrid turbo - Built by...
  14. jamiebennett81

    S3 Fuel pump Part Number?

    HI All a newbie to this forum, so hello to you all anyway I am currently doing a turbo rebuild on my 2001 Leon Cupra, and will need the uprated (or to you a standard) Audi S3 fuel pump for the 225 bhp engine (I believe its the same pump as on the Audi 225 TT as well) does anyone know the...