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    xenon main beam performance ?

    In the UK you hardly ever drive in main beam for long , but on a long Euro trip it was possible to drive for miles in total darkness with main beam on and it made me realize the beam pattern is very watery and frankly poor range . I realize that the optic has to be a compromise with the emphasis...
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    Rns-e firmware 0650 download

    Where can I get the latest / last firmware upgrade for the sat nav . Using Mr Googles finest search it only gets me to pirate type download sites which I don't trust . Securely there must be a legit way of getting it ?
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    BMW easy theft -- are Audi's at risk ?

    The net is full of stories of how easy it is to steal some late model BMW's and program new keys via the OBD port . Does this affect Audi late models as well ? Is it worth hiding the diagnostic socket or even fitting after market alarms ? Ian
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    Bumper bolts ?

    OK bear with me on this one LOL 2006 A4 s-line , has anyone had any of the bolts / steel turnlocks that secure the trailing edge of the s-line bumper to the undertray go missing just by dropping out ? I took my car for a MOT and it came back with the message that ALL 3 bolts were missing and...
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    18" wheels & what size tyres

    I have a 2006 2.0 TDI quattro and it on 17" wheels at the mo . 2 questions : I like the look of theses wheels Hartmann Wheels - Audi Wheels, stock replicas - ( item 10 ) from Hartmann buy I don't feel ordering from USA can anyone supply the same wheel in England ? What size...
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    Remove dpf & MOT

    I have a 2006 B7 2.0 tdi q 170 and have just had a 4 injectors replaced FOC by Audi . I am now thinking of going down the route of removing the DPC possibly with JBS in Chesterfield . BUT I am concerned about the MOT test emissions , should I be concerned ? will it pass ? Last MOT there were...
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    DAB radio in a B7 ?

    Just had my injectors replaced in the recall but my loan car was B8 with the DAB radio fitted its fantastic . Is it possible to fit this type of radio / satnav to the B7 range ? my old car has satnav & BT now . or was the loan car just to tempt you into a new car ? LOL
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    Garage lighting help

    I want to refurb my garage about 16' x 16' with stone walls that absorb allot of light , I would prefer super white and will be mounting directly to the beams . Any recommendations please .
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    What's it worth & what is the best way to sell it ?

    So as the title says , how do you price this and what would be the best way to sell it ? 2006 , 1st August Audi A4 2.0 Tdi 170 quattro s line in Aluminum silver , + the following factory options Black vacona leather ( all one colour ) + heating Tilt slides sunroof DVD sat nav with factory...
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    Where is my old 1.9 tdi quattro

    Any one seen or got my old 1997 Casablanca white 1.9 TDI quattro , think it was Pxxx FEJ after coming of my p plate . sold by a garage in Eccles Gtr Manchester July 2003 . Spec was Heated front seats & Air con and just 124K miles in 03 .
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    Daylight running lights no rear lights ?

    Is it correct that when you have the daylight running lights on the rear lights are nor lit up . Is this a Vag com issue that can be corrected or is it a case of "if you want it mod it your self"
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    New A4 tdi Quattro 170 phone kit

    Just got my new A4 with factory sat nav and now regret not having the phone option , has anyone retro fitted the phone kit and does it work via bluetooth ? as I would not want a dash mounted bracket . Any help / suggestions would be appreciated .Ian
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    Selling A4 TDi 2.5 TDI Quattro

    I am selling my 2003 Silver A4 2.5 TDi quattro sport 51 K with black leather , bose etc . Where do you think it would sell best Ebay or Autotrader and what price should I ask ? Can anyone help
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    Remote key not working

    the remote control key on my 2003 A4 2.5 TDi q fails to lock or un lock the car but if I unlock the car manualy and turn on the ignition once the key works OK for perhaps the next 7 to 10 days , the secont remote key will not work when the problem shows . Has anyone had this ? I would like to...