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    SQ5 SQ5 FY (2018) - weak air con

    Since its been hot over the last week or so I noticed that my air con isn't ice cold. The car went into Audi a few weeks ago for a service and I paid extra for an air con service which was all good, but like I said the air con isn't ice cold anymore. Any idea what's going on? Air con needs...
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    SQ5 SQ5 oil change costs

    My 2018 petrol SQ5 wants an oil change in the next 30 days. Rang round the dealers and got quotes ranging from £370 to £241. Again, same experience as last year Sytners seem to be rip off merchants where as JCT600 are far more reasonable. (Yes I know independant will be even cheaper). Pays to...
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    SQ5 2018 SQ5 inspection and oil change costs

    My 2018 SQ5 is due an inspection and oil change soon. Called up the Audi servicing line and they quoted £579. Is this the going rate? The inspection is due in the next 28 days and the oil change is due in September, so I can save about £100 getting the inspection and oil change done at the same...
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    SQ5 New SQ5 owner

    Hi! New SQ5 owner here! It’s a 2018 3.0 TFSI. Had a BMW 440i grancoupe before this: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk