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  1. Wu11ie

    And this is why NOT to use Royal Mail :(

    I tried but the paperwork I signed agreeing to the terms says they don't insure any car parts, so I got screwed for the broken parts and the insurance that didn't cover me, I wasn't a happy camper.
  2. Wu11ie

    And this is why NOT to use Royal Mail :(

    I haven't no, unfortunately Royal mail insurance doesn't cover car parts either so I got doubly screwed
  3. Wu11ie

    And this is why NOT to use Royal Mail :(

    Or you could just be more careful when doing your job :)
  4. Wu11ie

    What wheels would look good?

    Rotors have been done to death now.
  5. Wu11ie

    Hazard symbol illuminated

    Mine does this too, goes off after about 10-15 minutes.
  6. Wu11ie

    Suggested BMW Forum

    I've found quite good
  7. Wu11ie

    Where can I get a power folding passenger mirror?

    As above, I've looked through the for sale threads and can't see anything, Only having the drivers one is a bit odd so I'm looking to get the passenger one too, Any help would be appreciated :)
  8. Wu11ie

    B6 Wheels, what are they from?

    Dunno if it makes any difference but mines a quattro sport on the log book and that's what I've got fitted.
  9. Wu11ie

    Radio Code...

    Just had a quick Google search and apparently all Audi HU's are matched to the instrument cluster so if you call Audi with the VIN number they should be able to give you the radio code.
  10. Wu11ie

    Radio Code...

    Yeah, I'd look into it further before Audi bend you over lol
  11. Wu11ie

    Radio Code...

    I've never heard of a HU being coded to the ecu, seems a bit overkill for what it is. This is mine for example
  12. Wu11ie

    Radio Code...

    I doubt the code changes, I've got the card for mine and there's only one code on it for the HU. Every other car I've had has only had one code too, I think the guy at audi is talking rubbish, most dealers charge around £25 for a copy of the carpass with the codes on it.
  13. Wu11ie

    Lunched Engine: What to do?

    I'd go to Audi first and see what they say, even an Indy garage is going to be an expensive rebuild.
  14. Wu11ie

    12% eurocarparts code

    I used this on Friday for my new brakes :)
  15. Wu11ie

    Misano Red mk1 TT Quattro Project

    Stunning mate, love the vinyl pinstripes fir the show too, very TRON looking.
  16. Wu11ie

    Which fog light bulbs to upgrade to?

    Hi folks, I'm looking for advice on fog light bulbs. One of mine has blown so I'm taking the opportunity to upgrade them to brighter and whiter ones but the selection seems to be huuuuge!! Lol, Can anybody show me what you've got or what you use/recommend? Thanks in advance :).
  17. Wu11ie

    Silly man......

    He must've had the dumbest lawyer on the planet to be convicted of that if that's the full video.
  18. Wu11ie

    Just purchased my RS4 B7... Supercharger Conversion build thread.

    I can contribute absolutely nothing to this thread other than to say your car is stunning mate!, all the best with it.