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  1. smokeymike

    SQ5 SQ5 Plus

    Hi all. Just seen the photos in Evo of the new SQ5 Plus. Looks fantastic but no difference in the 0 -60 or the top speed over my 2015 SQ5. Still want one though! Anyone got one on order?
  2. smokeymike

    SQ5 Ipod connection not working

    I bought a new SQ5 in May and am absolutely loving it. However I can't seem to get my iPod Classic (60gb) to connect up to the car. I have a Audi connection lead which is black with a red bit at the end which plugs into the socket in the glovebox. There is a label with a part reference 4F0 051...
  3. smokeymike

    B7 RS4 Front centre armrest query

    I've seen a B7 RS4 for sale with a good spec apart from it doesn't have a front centre armrest fitted. How easy/difficult is it to fit one, are they still available as an Audi part and how much should I expect to pay? Advice greatly appreciated guys.
  4. smokeymike

    Recommeng me a good detailer in East Yorkshire

    I've just taken delivery of a new A3 cabrio snd didn't want to pay the rip off from the dealer for Gardex treatment, preferring to wax the car myself. However I'm concerned about the fabric hood. Does it come already proofed from the factory or will it need proofing for winter? I'm not confident...
  5. smokeymike

    A3 cabrio car cover recommendations

    I have a leaky garage and need to buy a car cover, possibly just one to protect the fabric roof. Can anyone out there recommend a good cover?
  6. smokeymike

    Kerb view dipping function - can this be retrofitted?

    Can the kerb view dipping function on the passenger side door mirror be retro fitted? I had this on my last car and it was really useful for avoiding any kerbing of the alloys but my new car is from stock and doesn't have this as a factory fitted option.
  7. smokeymike

    Towbar suggestions/recommendations for A3 (8V) Cabriolet

    I need to get a towbar fitted to carry 2 mountain bikes and have been quoted £1,000 inc VAT by my dealer to have a detachable swan neck towbar and electrics fitted. They also said I needed upgraded engine fans until I told them I was carrying bikes not pulling a 20ft caravan! I believe Westfalia...
  8. smokeymike

    S3 8v Sb Misano Red M62 13.9.14

    Hi to the people in the misano red S3, YY63 *** who overtook me eastbound on the M62 on Saturday afternoon. Thanks for the flash of the indicators to acknowledge a fellow S3 driver in my Estoril Blue S3 SB. :)
  9. smokeymike

    Thanks Lord Calvin

    Just a quick post to say a genuine big thank you to Calvin for all his efforts organising AITP. Nobody could have predicted the tail end of a hurricane to dampen the day but for those of us who made the effort to attend we still enjoyed it and look forward to a bigger and better event next year...
  10. smokeymike

    Has my old B7 Avant gone to a good home?

    Part exed my old car in March for a new S3 - still not sure it was a wise choice though! I was wondering if my car is now with a forum member again? It was a B7 Avant 2.0T S-line SE in Brilliant Red, reg YN** ZBR. If you are the new owner and are at AITP I would love to meet up with you and have...
  11. smokeymike

    estoril s3 A1079 17.7.14

    Hi to the driver of the estoril blue s3 spotted today on A1079 near Market Weighton from the driver approaching you in the same car. Where did you buy it, York or Hull?
  12. smokeymike

    Deutsch Connection show 8 June, Dadworth near Silverstone

    Hi folks. Trawling the net and saw an advert for this show to be held at Dadford Fields, Silverstone (admission £10pp). Anyone been to it before and is it worth a look? Any Audi-sport.Net guys going along? I'll be driving back home to East Yorkshire from London that day and thought I might have...
  13. smokeymike

    SD card sat nav playing up - delayed commands

    Driving home yesterday and decided to divert from the sat nav route I'd set. All was OK up until this point then the sat nav started playing up. Once it recalculated the route the voice instructions started coming about 1 to 2 miles AFTER the junctions I'd just been at. I was about 3 minutes...
  14. smokeymike

    Removing roofrail scratches - advice please

    Just put a couple of scratches on the roofrails of my new S3 while I was fitting Thule roofbars. Is it possible to remove these by machine polishing or some other detailing method or would they need a SMART repair of stripping respraying and lacquering? Advice appreciated. p.s Roll on AITP 2014:yes:
  15. smokeymike

    Estoril Blue touch up paint not available from Audi

    Visited my local Audi dealer to buy a pack of Estoril Blue touch up for my new S3 in case of any stone chips etc. They told me the touch up sticks are not available and this is now regarded as an exclusive colour. All they could give me was the paint code X5P. Has anyone else out there...
  16. smokeymike

    BBS CH alloys. PCD query

    Hi Guys Your wise consel if I may. I was thinking of changing the car then realised what a good car I have already, the new model A4 just doesn't do it for me. Soo, rather than waste my had earned on a new car I think I'll freshen the old girl up and change my standard S-Line 18" alloys for...
  17. smokeymike

    Recommendations for a good spray shop in East Yorkshire needed please

    Hi folks Now that the gritters have (hopefully) been put away for another year I need a front end respray on my A4 Avant as the bonnet and wings are in dire need of restoration back to pristine - no rust but loads of stone chips. The colour is brilliant red so should I would imagine be easy to...
  18. smokeymike

    Audi desktops and screensavers - brilliant site!

    Hi folks Some of you will already know this I guess but for those of you who don't, I was searching for Audi screensavers and opened the Audi german website. Wow. Screensavers and wallpaper for just about every model and a sinch to download. Go to...
  19. smokeymike

    Badge adhesive

    Hi folks The dot betwen the 2 and the 0 on the boot of my 2.0T is coming adrift and I don't want to lose it. What adhesive should I use to secure it. I'm an old git (been driving for 30 years) and in the old days there was a product called Dunlop Thixofix but I don't think it is available...
  20. smokeymike

    Brake caliper decals - recommendations

    Hi all Decided to have my calipers painted (front and rear) to smarten them up. Two recommendations for you: Firstly, E-Tech caliper paint from Amazon. Excellent results, now gloss black (less chavvy), looks the dogs now. Secondly, bought the Audi roundels stickers from the TT Shop on line...