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  1. TAC

    Audi AMI

    Right I am having issues with the AMI on my A6, the car has the most recent Genuine Audi I phone connector in the glove box I have AMI in the media box all be it in grey saying not supported, when the phone is connected I get another icon to show the phone is connected, however, this too is in...
  2. TAC

    DAB radio can it be added

    Dear all, another newbie A6 question is it possible to retrofit DAB radio to the MMI system in my Allroad, is it just an additional unit required or is in very involved?? My car seems to have everything but DAB! Cheers for the advice?
  3. TAC

    A6 Allroad software

    Can anyone inform me if there is a way of checking if my car has the most up to date software updates on it? If not what's the best way to get the updates done that won't cost the earth... cheers.
  4. TAC

    Upgrading to an S5

    Right have been looking for a while online but now going to look at and test drive some cars looking at 2008 model as high spec as possible. What do i need to be looking out for with these aiming to get one with less than 30k. Any help appreciated.
  5. TAC

    Best drilled discs for 3.2 A3

    Right at the stage where my front discs need replacing and was wanting to upgrade to drilled discs similar tote ones found on the S4/RS4. I assume the the S4/RS4 discs will be a different size and not a straight swap? Does anyone have any recommendations?
  6. TAC

    Miltek cat back non resonated fitted

    Right just fitted my miltek cat back non resonated to my 3.2 now the sound is a great improvement you can here the little blip on the dsg down shift its great, however, I do a fair bit of motorway driving and noticed today when driving about at 60ish quite a drone not yet been on motorway with...
  7. TAC

    Front suspension arm Bushes

    My motor has just failed its MOT as the front NS and OS suspension arm bushes are shot, now the parts are only £14, however, the garage want to charge £213 + VAT to change them. I have said no and am going to possibly attempt to change them myself. Has anyone else done this, I am fairly...
  8. TAC

    Milltek Exhaust question

    Can anyone tell me if a milltek exhaust from a 2.0T fsi will fit/work on my a3 3.2 or are they completely different and won't work? Anyone know the answer? Thanks Tom
  9. TAC

    RS3 on e-bay

    What a pile of poo..... AUDI RS3 Replica, 3.2L V6, 250BHP, QUATTRO AUTO on eBay (end time 21-Jan-11 01:15:14 GMT) Have to laugh!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. TAC

    Which I-pod interface for A3 RNS-E?

    Looking at getting and Ipod interface for my RNSe to work with my I-phone 4. Which are the best tried and tested ones? HAve been looking at a few? Car Audio & Security: Car Stereo, Speakers & Subwoofers, Car DVD Players, GPS and CD Changers or Gateway 300 | iPod car adapter, iPhone car...
  11. TAC

    My06 a3 3.2 just gone wrong! Help

    Driving down the road in bristol and all of a sudden eng man light on lumpy idle like it's running on 3 cylinders and a rattle coming from the passenger side of the engine!! Any advice as to what it is hoping it's not the dreaded CAM chain issue but preparing for the worst!! Is it safe to...
  12. TAC

    Gear lever grab handles part number

    Saw in pics for the new rs3 the grab handles either side of the gear selector were stitched leather rather than plastic, are these already available on the A3 range as would like to find out if I can do this mod. If anyone has any info on these or a part no that would be great. Cheers Tom
  13. TAC

    Couple of cosmetic mods completed....

    First was the new rear S3 diffuser repainted and fitted Then I decided to have the front Fog surrounds painted in the same colour as the lower part of the rear diffuser to tie the front into the rear. I think it works well and is an improvement on the black. We decided to leave the black at...
  14. TAC

    Trusted bodyshop in Reading area needed??

    Right need to find a bodyshop in the Reading area that have a good reputation, looking at getting my front and rear bumpers painted and want to find a bodyshop to use who is tried and tested. HAve had a couple of shockers in the past so would rather go on somebodys reconmendation. Thanks Tom
  15. TAC

    HELP needed, Fitted cruise control no can't get it to work?????

    Hi, right follwed the retro fit guid from the site thanks pns2007 very helpfull got it in and managed to clear most faults and now cant get it working below is the vag com coding faults brought up and I have tried initialising it to no avail!! Readiness: 0110 1101 VAG-COM Version...
  16. TAC

    Bodyshop Reading area???

    Anyone know a good reliable bodyshop in the Reading area, would rather go on a reconmendation than just pick one at random!!!!:tocktock:
  17. TAC

    Will these parking sensors work on my 06 A3 part no 8E0 054 630

    Picked up a set of band new parking sensors cheap part no 8E0 054 630, think they are for and A4 but wonderde if they would work on the A3. Its the full kit with all parts? Any advice would be great!
  18. TAC

    Cost of painting a rear Bumper/anyone know any good body shops in the Reading area?

    Looking at getting my rear bumper resprayed as well as a new lower diffuser painted 1. What sort of price is a good price? 2. Anyone know any reputable bodyshops arround Reading? Cheers Tom
  19. TAC

    Rear Bumper Diffuser

    Does anybody know if a 5dr s-line rear bumper diffuser from an 09 plate car will fit a s-line 06 plate 3dr? Cheers
  20. TAC

    Wheel Refurb in Bristol any one know anybody good???

    Looking to get all my wheels refurbed and am currently in the Bristol area. Does anyone know of a company that is good that will strip the wheels back taking the old coating off repair any curb marks and then re-dip coat as opposed to just spraying them???