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    daveb 996 kits

    As of those who know how Dave was near impossible to contact and still is, he has also retired from the brake game far as i have been told. Unfortunately i have lost the OEM part #'s from the 996tt 350mm disc setup and wondering if anyone have these on hand by any given chance Cheers!
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    Radiator Fan Replacement S3 8P

    Hey guys, As doing the timing this week, was hoping to replace my rad/cooling fans. Why? - well they work perfectly fine and engine is not overheating, but i have noticed in recent months including our summer here in Aus (25-35+ degrees) that after turning the engine off even after flogging it...
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    Rain repellent

    Nanolex Ultra Glass Sealant for me.. Our conditions here are a bit worse with the heat/crazy rain and what not, including salt for the snow when we go down .. 16-18 months is my usual for the sides, about 12-14 for the front windscreen before its slowly starts to fade off. Dodo Juice is my...
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    A3/S3 Photos Thread

    had to stop and take a quick snap lol
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    Photoshot: Widebody RS3 Transformation - Sepang Blue w/ 275-30-19 :)

    awesome shots and great transformation! 1 year for the front bumper, wow! but please clean your exhaust tips! haha
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    Advice Needed - Keeping Wheels Clean!

    I will have to disagree. Their wax will give you 1 months protection at the most. 6 months if you dont drive the car, sorry lol .. i speak from exp! Grab yourself something like Nanolex Ultra Sealant, or 22PLE, or GYEON or some ceramic type coating which will and should give you 6-10 months...
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    S3 8P clutch or flywheel problems I guess. Any help would be greatly appreciated

    From experience with all clutches above (yes really) I would recommend to probably go for Clutchmasters FX350 or FX400. I cannot comment 'just yet' on why but save yourself and your pocket and learn from my experiences. lol
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    The "Rimz" Thread ** Look here before requesting pics of specific wheels**

    black centre cap maybe what about the VMR spokes like these;
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    My Weekend Detail/winter protection

    great work! but you really should hit it with a DA RO and some Menzerna instead of using SRP which has AIO's for such a nice colour! (just my opinion though lol) I guess i am pedantic, i will correct the paint 110% annually or even every 18 months. Mine is due but i think i will be wrapping so...
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    S3 Cooling / Radiator Fans issues questions

    The thing is, it doesn't always drop when moving. Happily sits on 90 degrees also just depends on weather/and driving freeway/city.
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    S3 Cooling / Radiator Fans issues questions

    This topic has been covered extensively i do realise, however in the many many, MANY of threads i have there really isn't much information or definitive answer on a few things that i am wanting to know, and if there is i apologise. Few questions; relating to my 2007.5 S3 8P. After-off fans -...
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    8P Reflections.....Lets see yours!

    Duragloss TC And; Dodo Juice Supernatural
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    A3/S3 Photos Thread

    Windows are definitely tinted. It's just the sun was that bright that morning. They are quite dark but unfortunately doesn't show it! Front and rear diffusers are jet black! Cheers!
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    A3/S3 Photos Thread

    Couple new ones from the weekend
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    GuyJ's Sprint Blue S3

    looks awesome.. always wondered what my s3 would look like with those wheels, and it'd look awesome LOL! very tidy mate!
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    Wheel Fitment help (N8?)

    Wondering if i could get these on, note i do not want 'super stretched tyres' though lol. Rather 225s all round. 19x8 ET32 for front - 19x8.5 ET34 for rear (or 19x9.5 et 36) Or am i asking for too much poke here? As i dont particularly want to shave the wheel or even the hub to make these...