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    spark plug replacement at 33000 miles or wait

    my S4 is now with an independent going through a service - they asked whether i wanted the spark plugs changed - due at 40,000 is there any benefit to getting them done now etc or should i wait. the immediate benefit is one less visit to the garage i assume.
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    does having a service done by independent garage effect resale

    My audi S4 is now out of warranty and was thinking of using a local independent specialized Audi garage which has great reviews. would this however hurt the resale value down the road when i come to sell the car. hence should i stick with the main dealer for all servicing etc
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    what does a standard inspection service entail

    this has now popped up on my display i do not need oil or brake pads etc my warranty has also now expired so just wondering do people continue to use their main audi dealer or do they now look elsewhere
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    heads up on Falken Azenis FK510 - damm good

    Just had my suspension replaced under warranty and whilst there the technician noted that my front 2 pilot4 s tyres were just about road legal which came as a massive shock as i only had them in January 2019. Back 2 had a couple of MM left. spoke to dealer who offered me a choice of the usual...
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    Driving with leaking shock absorber

    Took my car s4 into audi for a oil change and they spotted leaking rear shock. They will replace under warranty but can't get it repaired for another week. Is a car safe to drive with a leaking shock. I have not noticed any issues with stability etc
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    Audi Ensurance - brilliant free service

    Just wanted to give those who have not signed up a heads up as to the brilliance of this service. Its complimentary to Audi owners. I signed up after i had an accident - Its completely free. Mr car was hit from when parked and i contacted Audi Ensurance. The 3rd party insurer tried to get me...
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    was not expecting this

    My s4 is currently in for a body repair and the excellent audi ensurance arranged for me to have a courtesy car whilst its being repaired. awaiting me at the garage was a 2018 porshe cayman s. i thought wow i will never want to give it back. you know what though i much rather being sat inside...
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    Michelin Pilot Sports 4 s - very nice (

    Had a set of these fitted on monday - replaced the factory fitted hankooks evo tryes. They certainly feel different to the hankooks. I live in the Rhondda valleys and have a quite treacherous mountain route back and fore to work and got used to the limits of the hankooks on this road. the...
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    lacquer repair to alloy

    Just wondered what people use to touch up lacquer chips on diamond cut alloys. I took my car to have new tyres fitted and noticed that they had damaged my alloy. the owner apologized and has agreed to pay for it to be sorted out. however as i am going to damage them again at some point we...
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    lacquer repair

    Just wondered what people use to touch up lacquer chips on diamond cut alloys. I took my car to have new tyres fitted and noticed that they had damaged my alloy. the owner apologized and has agreed to pay for it to be sorted out. however as i am going to damage them again at some point we...
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    sorry another S4 tire question - 255 v 245

    I have gone on a couple of sites as i am looking at getting 4 new tyres. For some reason i can get Michelin pilot sports for £160 fitted in 255 / 35/ r19 however the 245 /35 / r19 version is £187 fitted According to a number of websites my car will accept 245 or 255 tryes what is the...
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    Audi ensurance

    Has anyone used them. It's a free service They seem to take care of you if you are involved in an accident
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    Someone reversed into my car. Can I insist on insurer paying repairs at approved repairer

    Someone drove into my car. Not a lot of damage But frustrating. She drove off but a neighbour spotted it and gave me her address so I have her insurance details. She has offered to pay for damage but not sure how much its likely to cost. I have never had to deal with an accident. Can I insist...
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    MMI update and changing default email

    2 quick questions. I am sure my MMI has updated itself as i cant locate anyway to either update it or satnav maps. There used to me a setting but its gone? also does anyone know how i can change my email server. My car picks up my gmail account but i would rather it pick up my work Microsoft...
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    where is the windscreen water reservoir S4

    needed to put some water in my S4 for the windcreen and i simply could not find it. I was in a bit of rush so did not look everywhere but nothing stuck out. where is it?
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    How to remove alloy scuff

    ******. Reversing out of a tight spot. Cheers considerate neighbour and his van and in doing so my wheel slipped off parralel down off kerb and it got scratched They are diamond cut. Really peeved off with myself First mark I have had on the alloys Can these be repaired at home or do I need...
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    Anyone know minimum tyre depth on approved audi

    So I have had my car for around 10 weeks 3 of those my car was sat outside my home whilst I was on holidays. Had my car back from dealer today and all tyres are below 3mm Looked at an earlier inspection report when car was 2 weeks old and one tyre was on 2.5mm and the other 3 were at 3mm I...
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    Nice of audi to lend BMW its interior blueprints

    Looks as though the new 3 series has borrowed heavily from audi Looks much nicer than the old 3 series
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    when do you have to get consumables replaced

    sorry if this is obvious but on my last car (BMW) the idrive would tell you how much lifespan you had left in brakes, oil etc before needing a service change. I can see that Audi do have an oil message but i cant see any messages regarding disks etc also i find it very odd that you can reset...
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    scratch, dent , damage OCD

    dont know if its just me but lately i find myself becoming anxious about where to park my s4 as i am convinced i am going to find the car dented or scratched. Instead of enjoying the car i am now arrive at a car park and work out the safest area to park it and obsessing over marks i find on...