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  1. marriedblonde

    Bits for sale from my S6

    Just posted some bits of my S6 in the for sale section above. Front and rear EBC redstuff pads. Brand new in boxes. ROC-Euro intake CETE lowering module. I will be adding my BBS CH-R II split rims 21" in the not too distant future. Just need to get one of the fixed as I stupidly kissed a...
  2. marriedblonde

    I am happy to report....

    The wife took my S6 shopping today, only the second time she has driven it and the first time since being remapped and wearing the BBS' But fear not car has been returned empty of fuel obviously! (that warning about no fuel and light don't apply to my young lady) but no damage to the wheels...
  3. marriedblonde

    Cars back from the body shop and my new rims are on

    After a weeks delay I have finally got my car back from the body shop. The repair is spot on, only 1 issue with the rear bumper being about 1mm out of alignment on one side but I will sort that myself and is probably me being overly fussy. But it does mean I have finally been able to fit my...
  4. marriedblonde

    Bets on my car being returned today

    The saga continues... Friday afternoon I was told my car was all fixed, had gone through the QC checks and was ready. It was too late to get it back to me then and would be on a transporter monday. 3pm yesterday I get a call to say car is ready and is currently being loaded onto a transporter...
  5. marriedblonde

    E63 hire car whilst my s6 is being fixed - Thoughts

    My insurance company has arranged for a hire car whilst my S6 is being repaired and they delivered a new e63 to me. I considered a second hand e63 when looking around for my car but decided on the S6 as I preferred it. But that was based on a couple of test drives in both cars. I was a...
  6. marriedblonde

    Well that wasn't part of the plan... Cars been hit

    After the excitement of getting my new rims yesterday I nipped out to get some food last night and turning into my lane and some woman not paying attention rear ended me. Thankfully both of us were only travelling very slowly. The passenger of the car, a female, had the cheek to tell me I...
  7. marriedblonde

    Sneaky peak - new wheels have arrived

    New wheels have arrived this morning, just need to get them ceramic coated and get the tyres mounted. So fingers crossed by mon/tues I should be rolling around on this babies :-)
  8. marriedblonde

    Link to Carbon Mirror caps

    Hi all, I've just been sent the web page for the A6/S6 mirror caps. They are going to be priced at £125 delivered and I think there is going to be a £5 discount for the first few. They are not on the site now but should be added by tomorrow: Kieran is a top bloke...
  9. marriedblonde

    How to remove and refit mirror caps on A6/S6 C7/C7.5

    I was struggling to find a how to guide for fitting and removing the mirror caps so I thought I would create one. How to remove and refit mirror caps Audi A6 C7/C7.5 Tools required: T10 torque socket, something wide to remove mirror glass. Time taken: 30 minutes for both sides 1. Remove the...
  10. marriedblonde

    New carbon mirrors fitted

    Finally had a chance to fit the mirror caps. Pain in the bum to do but now I know how it is quite easy and will only be 10 minute job.
  11. marriedblonde

    Had a trip up to Banbury this morning to see MRC

    Took my S6 up to MRC for a stage 1 remap. Started off at 445ps and 601Nm and ended up 555ps and 795Nm Needless to say it drives very much differently :-) I'll post the graph up later when I get a change to scan and host it
  12. marriedblonde

    Blondey's S6 build thread

    Thought it was about time I started a build thread. Had the car for 4 weeks now, covered 2600 miles in it and I am loving it. It is lovely to drive and pretty economical, I am getting mid 20's on a run and 20mpg running around which I can live with. Picked the car up from the dealers, it was...
  13. marriedblonde

    Not my week....

    Got in the car to pick the wife up from the airport tuesday morning and get a suspension fault. On the way home it clears itself. Wednesday morning drive to work and it is back. ****** lowering module has packed up. Removed that and posted back to get it fixed. Then last night driving home...
  14. marriedblonde

    how to remove mirror caps

    I've searched the forum but can't find anything on how to actually remove the top part fo the mirror housing. Do they just un-clip? Thanks J.
  15. marriedblonde

    C7 S6 brake pad options

    Already after 1200 miles I am done with the standard brake pads and he amount of dust they create. It seems like replacement options are pretty slim. I've found EBC yellow pad (i;ve used reds in the pads and quite like them but never the yellows) or Ferodo DS2500's which I have also used and...
  16. marriedblonde

    S6 hit 1K miles, time to break out the vbox to get some times.

    As per the title my S6 has hit 1000 miles so thought i would see what it could do. Standing start no LC - 4.14secs LC - 3.51s Not bad at all. I'll start my build thread and add the screen shots from the vbox and pics of the black rungs on the front and spacers when I get a few minutes J.
  17. marriedblonde

    S6 wheel sizes

    hi all Cars been delayed so I am going to keep amassing parts for when it gets here. I want to change the rims on my car. It’s going to be lowered but not stupidly. What size can I get away with and what off set ? Will a 20x10 fit or is it too wide? I I assume I will need a 30mm offset...
  18. marriedblonde

    Been away for a long time.

    Been a member on here for a very long time but been away for a fair while, the last time I logged in was 2011!!! But I am back having placed an order for an S6 Saloon in december, just waiting for a delivery date. But I have big plans for it once it arrives.
  19. marriedblonde

    My Z4 coupes replacement - Warning it's a BMW!

    Some of you have asked to see pics of my new 3 series coupe, well here it is. If anyone objects to the post I'll remove the thread as I have posted pics up in the other brands forum!!! I kept the coupe for 19 months, racked up a lot of miles so decided to trade it in while it was still...
  20. marriedblonde

    My Z4 coupes replacement

    After 19 months I have swapped my Coupe in for a 3 series 330Ci M sport coupe Black with black leather, Auto , 19" rims, tinted windows, Sat nav, bluetooth. HFS, voice control and a load of other options that escape me for the minute!!! It's a 3 month old ex demo and I love it :) I've got...