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    Rnse and ami retrofitting

    Ok thank you, I will try it later, also one last question, do I need to code in Bose to the rnse? I've seen people having to move a wire? Do I need to do this with the 32 pin plug also?
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    Rnse and ami retrofitting

    Awsome well I have installed my rnse and ami! Now my aux in doesn't work at all? I need to wait till Wednesday once my vcds arrives and I can program it all but so far so good
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    RNSE 193 LED MK2 - Retrofit Guide - With Pics :)

    Is there a way to run the aux in and the ami unit? I've plugged all mine in but my aux does not work now.
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    Rnse and ami retrofitting

    is this the loom?
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    Rnse and ami retrofitting

    Good afternoon everyone, well I have finally taken the plunge and bought myself a mk2 rnse P/N 8P0 035 193 G and also the ami unit P/N 8P0 057 785 i have also bought VCDS from Ross-Tech to programme it all to my 2009 audi a3 black edition, I have had a look through various threads but I am...
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    2009 2.0 cr140 tdi cutting out

    Yes I would of thought with the whistling it would be a boost leak, but for it to cut out only on corners is weird otherwise I would of said boost leak as u have said, let's see what audi have to say about it when I phone on Wednesday
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    2009 2.0 cr140 tdi cutting out

    Hey guys does anyone know what would cause these to cut out only when cornering , also had a slight whistle from engine between 70-50 mph on overrun, always stopped at 50. Also driver door won't open when you press the fob!? Just looking for ideas as the car is away back to garage under...
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    S line black edition mud flaps

    As above does anyone know if audi did mud flaps for the 2009 A3 s line black edition?
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    MY2010 Car required for LED bulb testing

    i will be wanting a set of these for my 2009 A3 BE, any idea when you will be taking orders? Gus