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  1. J

    Quattro Pack front spoiler

    I'm looking to buy the front spoiler that came on the S1 with the exterior quattro pack. I've spoken to Tom from Crewe Audi but they are now discontinued . If anyone has one of the silver ones for sale, please let me know! Part number is 8XA 071 612 A6P. Cheers!
  2. J

    Whining noise

    Hi all, Since I've owned my S1 it has had a whining noise that sounds like it is coming from the engine. The pitch and volume increase as you accelerate, it does it in all gears and if you slip it into neutral it does the same when revving. It's a very subtle wizzing noise, however recently I...
  3. J

    Calliper Spring Cover

    My S1's front calliper spring covers (possibly the wrong terminology, the metal piece that has the S1 decal on them. Image attached) decals have faded and the black painted area is looking a bit worse for wear. I have polished them previously and ceramic coated them but they are beyond saving...
  4. J

    S1 Nav upgrade

    Hi all. I am currently talking to a dealer about having the Audi MMI Sat Nav fitted to my S1. My S1 has the sat nav prep option and the MMI system with the 2 SD card slots. When talking to the dealer, they quoted me close to £700 for the sat nav card and authentication because, and I quote "the...
  5. J

    S1 clonking noise

    Hi all, I bought my first Audi S1 earlier this week from a private seller. I love the car but it has a weird clunking noise when stationary, louder when steering right. The noise is also audible when steering over crap roads. It isn't the worse clunk I have ever heard on a car, so I'd leave it...
  6. J

    Buying an S1 Aluminium gear knob?

    Hi! Does anyone know a good place to get an S1 aluminium gear knob? Preferably red stitch to match my interior. Any links etc are greatly appreciated!
  7. J

    Nano grey S1

    Hi. I'm a new member on this site, so not sure if this kind of post is allowed (I'm sure I'll get banned if it isn't). I am looking at buying an Audi S1 in nano grey with leather seats (quite hard to get, I know...). I was wondering if anyone knew anyone with one for sale? Cheers!