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    ZF 8HP Transmission service

    Hey guys so I have a 2015 A6 bitdi with the 8 speed ZF box. Current mileage is at just over 60k and planning to get full oil filter etc service done at 70k. So I have emailed few places around me and got a reply from one company that has good reputation. I just wanted to ask for opinion on...
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    Looking to get Gearbox service done on ZF 8HP box.

    Hi guys don't know if this is the right place to post this. I have a 2015 face-lift Audi A6 Avant BITDI with the 8 speed ZF gearbox and I would like to get a proper gearbox service done (full drain including oil inside the torque converter too). My cars mileage just reached 60k. I average...
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    BITDI TDI Tuning Box Crdt4 short review

    The remap by Bobby has been amazing. He has deep knowledge about tuning and just motors in general. He spend a lot of time to explaining tuning process as well as answering any questions I had (I had a lot of questions). I had the pleasure of being a passenger in his 500bhp A4 and honestly that...
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    BITDI TDI Tuning Box Crdt4 short review

    Thanks for the clarification. It wouldn't be smart of me to spend that kind of money and upgrade the intercooler for just dyno purposes especially if the stock intercooler doesn't effect (reduce) the performance on day to day driving. Looking forward to the 15th.
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    BITDI TDI Tuning Box Crdt4 short review

    From what I understand, I think Bobby doesn't use dyno for the remap but I am not 100pct sure on that. That sounds great, I will ask Bobby about it first and contact Unicorn devs if they can do the gearbox tuning.
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    BITDI TDI Tuning Box Crdt4 short review

    I don't mind paying for the runs in fact I would love Bobby to do dyno runs stock vs tuning box vs remap but don't know if he will have the time. The plan is that I drop the car off to him on Sunday morning and pick it up on Monday evening. I mean this make things clear for people looking to get...
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    BITDI TDI Tuning Box Crdt4 short review

    So I have had the tdi tuning box for few months now and I finally decided to go Remap route with @bobby singh and booked with him for the 15th. I have allready covered well over 15k miles with the box. At max setting 7, you definitely feel the extra torque but overall a bit tame compare to even...
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    Smallest wheel size to fit over BiTDi brakes?

    Hi I have a 2015 (65) A6 Avant BITDI SE that came with the original audi 17inch wheels. Tyre size is 225/55 R17 97Y. Hope this helps.
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    A6 Avant bitdi stage 1 remap

    Hi everyone. I have a late 2015 a6 avant bitdi that I am planning to remap, have few questions. What is the estimated numbers for a stage 1 map? Is it worth going for dpf egr delete on these engines? I do 45k+ miles yearly. Reading through the other threads, Bobby Singh is recommended by...