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  1. efy2bjg

    How best to cut B7 rs4 rear quarters/arches for swap

    Hi all, Not sure if anyone has experience of this but I need to instruct a breaker on how I want a set of rear quarters cut off a saloon rs4 shell for welding onto my avant. Any ideas on the best place to start/ end the cutting? The more the better I assume really as my body shop can cut off...
  2. efy2bjg

    Wanted B7 A4 Tfsi Quattro coilovers/ Suspension parts

    Wanted: Ideally adjustable coilovers, also after poly bushes, updated rear arb, front ball joints etc. Got anything please let me know Thanks! Ben
  3. efy2bjg

    Wanted B7 RS4 Body Parts

    Wanted, front/ rear bumpers, inner and outer front and rear wings, side-skirts etc. Also rear arb and coil overs. Got anything, please let me know. Cash waiting. Thanks! Ben
  4. efy2bjg

    B7 RS4 front wings. How much wider than B7 A4?

    Hi everyone, As above, does any one know? Plotting my wide body project. Considering an RS4 front valance/bumper but with 'RWB' style arch extensions and trimming instead of the massive panel and front wing swap job... Cheers folks Ben
  5. efy2bjg

    Hi, B7 A4 Avant TFSI Quattro: Big Turbo RS4/Widebody build

    Hi everyone, Serial car collector, tuner, tinkerer here... air cooled 911, 205gti16v, Impreza STI, Celica GT4, Covin 911... and... I'm looking to start a build as above. I have the base, a 2005 B7 A4 Avant TFSI Quattro with a few bits in it already. I'll be looking for lots of parts. In fact...