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    Audi S3 Personal Lease Deal £261pcm

    Sportback S-tronic Fully Maintained Contract 5k pa
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    JD Power UK Dependability Survey 2015

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    Haldex broken - no 4 wheel drive

    Sodding car is broken again. Wheelspinning all the way out of roundabouts tonight, on dry roads. Got home, did a scan, Haldex Pump is knackered. Same thing happened on my 8P. This car has been in and out of the dealership so many times. Numerous things have had to be replaced. ACC fault...
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    Problem Report button

    Has the Report button gone awol, or have I gone blind looking at all those pics? ;)
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    Fixed No member stats?

    the stats (post count, likes etc) are no longer appearing under the avatar? Have these been sacrificed for the car banners etc.? Thanks
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    New A3 S3 December 2014 Brochure out
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    Search function not working

    tried in the 8V and 8P forums Not returning results as expected Keyword search only returning results from today
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    BBC Radio 4 - You and Yours - Audi 2.0T Oil Consumption

    You may like to have a listen to this BBC Radio 4, 12:15, 18 Dec 2014 Or on iPlayer
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    BBC Radio4 - You and Yours - Audi 2.0T Oil Consumption

    You may like to have a listen to this BBC Radio 4, 12:15, 18 December 2014 Or on iPlayer
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    Fixed Timestamp

    Noticing a timestamp appearing in the body of the text of a post..... Not keen on it, if I'm honest, there's already a posting timestamp below the post, is this just a bug? Thanks
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    S3 or Golf R or even an S1?

    I merged these two post's as we were getting a lot of the same comments on both threads & ended up with two 'super' threads 'discussing' the merits or otherwise of the Golf R's & S3's So in reading this mammoth thread, from start to finish, you may find some of the post out of sync. That can't...
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    Watch: MQB car small overlap crash test

    . . . Look out for the battery being launched out of the front of the car !!!
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    S3 Induction Noise - Whine/Whistle

    S3 Owners: I have this noise, can't decide if its transmission noise, or induction noise, or turbo whistle. Comfort Mode 4th gear, D4 or M4 (not S4) Accelerating reasonably briskly (1/2 to 3/4 throttle) - between 40 and 63 mph - do you get a whine/whistle ? Thanks :)
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    Enabling TPMS for A3 S3 8V *Experimental*

    Caveat - Work in Progress - *Experimental ONLY* Proceed at your own risk. But feel free to try this out on yours, and post your results in this thread! ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ As there is not much info about how to code TPMS onto a A3 S3 8V, I spent about 3 hours yesterday sitting...
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    RS4 Stolen - Seen on CCTV

    Thread below, including the owner telling how it was (June 2013). A tool available on eBay was used to fool the immobiliser to code a new/blank key. The tracker was found within 12 minutes and removed. :: B8 RS4 Stolen in 90 Seconds The information is publicly available and...
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    Electronic Park Brake Feature

    On page 93 of the Owners Manual: "The Parking Brake is applied automatically if the driver's door is opened while the ignition is on. This is to prevent the vehicle from accidently rolling away". I have a S-tronic without the Hold Assist Option. This does NOT work for me - does this...
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    A3 Quattro or S3 - Drivetrain or Transmission Whine on Overrun

    Anyone else detecting some whine on the overrun? One of the ways I can get the car to do this is to get the car up to 28mph, stick it in 4th, then let the car overrun through engine braking. There is a whine as the car slows down between 25mph and 21mph. Haven't yet determined if it's...
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    Car Discounts - BBC R4 You and Yours

    BBC Radio 4 - You and Yours, Energy switching schemes; Saving on cars; Indoor gardens , Car Discounts
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    A3 8V Phone Holder

    Hi Dave can I have a price please 8V0 863 617 What is the delivery cost if people want it posted? thanks
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    LED Brake Lights may actually lead to an increase in rear impacts !

    . "However, the non-parametric analysis does not show crash reduction for significantly more than 50 percent of the make-models (fitted with LED brake lights). Instead, rear-impact rates actually increased with LED for the majority of these models." Full Study...