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  1. Eeef

    RNSE, BT and SE K800i

    I had the exact same issue with my W800 and my parrot bt kit. In the end I had to pair it in advanced mode, not sure if a similar option is availble on the RNS-E but have a look at the Parrot instructions here and see if you can map them to the RNS-E functionality...
  2. Eeef

    After market ICE

    Audi sell adaptors themselves, which are one piece and an exact colour match. Got mine for less than a tenner.
  3. Eeef

    RNS-E & ipod link

    [ QUOTE ] I've got the Dension iPOD set up in my car with the RNS-E, so I can confirm: 1) You do not get any of the ID3 Tags 2) You can set upto 6 playlists and control them like CD's in a changer - all you get displayed is CD # & TR# 3) You can set the iPOD to Suffle within any playlist from...
  4. Eeef

    RNS-E & ipod link

    so I take it nobody else has tried this?
  5. Eeef

    RNS-E & ipod link

    Folks, has anyone got the above and if so, does any of the tag info of the songs appear on the display? What sort of control do you get over the ipod? Audi ipod link or Dension?
  6. Eeef

    S4 Avant Symphony System

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] what year Avant? Bose? [/ QUOTE ] I'd say a 2000 model with Bose (but I'm only guessing ) [/ QUOTE ] I'll get me coat (and glasses)
  7. Eeef

    S4 Avant Symphony System

    what year Avant? Bose?
  8. Eeef

    iPod Video 60gb for sale - cheap.

    Folks, I acquired 'some' iPod Video 60gb whilst on holiday a couple of weeks ago. Willing to part with them at £50 below UK selling price. £250 to A.S members. Or for £300 you can have it with nearly 500 albums on it, including >35 of the current top 40 album chart. PM me if you're interested.
  9. Eeef

    A3/S3 Stealth sub

    Have you done an 8p yet?
  10. Eeef

    Symphony 3 ?

    I saw a pic of it a while ago but have heard no further details since. I'll try and track down the pics for you.
  11. Eeef

    Sat Nav: RNS-E or TomTom 300/500???

    The RNS looks superb, is easy to use and as reliable as any other system. It doesn't, at present, support POI, or points of interest, e.g. speed camera overlays etc. It does have a very big screen when compared to the likes of TomTom and will be less likely to attract scrotes with bricks wishing...
  12. Eeef

    Phatnoise and Denison DH100ix Question?

    For me, if the Dension works it's a no brainer. You get a really good display for the idv3 tags, i've got a 60gb hard disk in mine (approx 15000 tracks) which is much bigger than the phatnoise and considerably cheaper. I paid £239 for mine from Dabs, (although it disappeared off their website...
  13. Eeef

    Phatnoise and Denison DH100ix Question?

    I've already got the Dension DH100ix which will replace my Concert II HU. Also got the Bose setup. Car doesn't arrive until 1st March so I can let you know progress after that if you like/can wait.