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  1. CanadaA3wales

    Wheel Bearing gone or something else?

    Hey all, happy bank holiday. I had this weird sound come out of nowhere the other day and it sound worrying. I can only hear it on the motorway or fast driving and it sounds like a prop engine plane but a lot high pitch. When I speed up the sound gets louder and when I slow down it starts to...
  2. CanadaA3wales

    New Custom Air Bag Cover

    Just thought I would share a picture of my new airbag cover. I would recommend the company if they were any good, but they lied to me so many times. They told me 4 weeks, and as it never arrived I messaged them and they ignored me for days and days. I sent another email on instagram and text...
  3. CanadaA3wales

    How to get metal accelerator pedal on?

    Hey I managed to get the clutch and brake pedal on with no problem but the accelerator will not go on. I tried to soak it in hot water but the rubber is too hard. I also rubbed some fairy around the edges but it still wont clip on. I tried to get to get something behind it to bend the rubber...
  4. CanadaA3wales

    Is my Manual gearbox about to go?

    Hey all. I am not having a good time with my car lately, first my rear brakes went and a £600.00 bill and now there is something wrong with my gear shifts. When you go from 2nd to 3rd there is a slight spring which guides you into third instead of people going into 1st by mistake, well it...
  5. CanadaA3wales

    A3 pfl 2014 keyfob battery, how and which?

    Hey Does anyone know if I can just open the fob up and put a new battery in, or is it more involved, if so how? Also what battery do I need? I've only done my focus and it was a case of removing and replacing, simple as that. PS had a warning on my dash about it. Thanks all.
  6. CanadaA3wales

    Brakes failed on the way home

    Well this is my first official breakown, not sure what happened. Had my kids in the car and lucky I was going through a small village when it happened, but my brakes just went. Had my 15 year old get into the drivers seat while I leaned at the back and when she pressed the brake you could...
  7. CanadaA3wales

    Do not attempt to contact Lightrofit VW/Audi

    I wanted a rear camera and front sensors as I dont think I can make it to London to see @DJAlix anytime soon with all these lockdowns so I attempted to contact someone close. They have good reviews on Facebook and Instagram so I sent 2 instagram messages... No reply, so I called them, left a...
  8. CanadaA3wales

    Invisible plate holder for Honeycomb grill?

    Hey I am getting my grill installed in a couple weeks and dont want to use the big ugly plate holder that came with it. Also I am looking to get a smaller plate anyway. Can anyone point me to a good plate holder for the RS grills? I think I seen one a year ago, it was straps or something...
  9. CanadaA3wales

    Merry Christmas Everyone

    Just wanted to say a big Merry Christmas to everyone. I appreciate the help that you have all provided and hope your families are safe during this rubbish 2020. If you dont celebrate Christmas, again, please stay safe and have a great few days off work.
  10. CanadaA3wales

    Fitting airbag cover?

    Hey As my cover is scratched and the Audi signs are peeling off I have come accross a company who make carbon and OEM ones with Leather or Alacantra for less than 140.00 Since new ones are this price and possibly over, I think its a good deal. Anyway, I dont think its something I will be...
  11. CanadaA3wales

    Installing Metal OEM pedals

    I just bought the manual set of S/RS pedals from Audi and just need to know how to fit them before I start. Do they just slide on as there are no screws or anything in the box? I just want to ensure I have everything I need before I start.
  12. CanadaA3wales

    A3 TDI 150Bhp Remapped Today

    Well its finally done. I took it to Performance Engineering in cardiff, he gets amazing reviews and such a nice guy, and he knows his stuff. Anyway I thought it was going to be a map he put on another Audi A3 8v, but he said he would never do this, he doesnt do cheap one size fits all maps. I...
  13. CanadaA3wales

    Lightbulbs H7 WTF!!

    Hey I had to replace my W5W lights as the warning came on and had no issues at all. I thought to myself, hey I have a brand new set of Phillips Xtreme racing lights that are still in the box, so lets put those in.... Even though my H7 lights were fine.... What was I thinking !! Anyway, I...
  14. CanadaA3wales

    Which lights are on all the time?

    Hey I want to put LED lights on the lights that are on all the time, are they called side lights or dipped? Also my side light warning went off, anyone know of a good supplier for lights? I am not buying from Halfrauds, they are a stupid price. Thanks
  15. CanadaA3wales

    My £95.00 Black friday Grill just arrived

    I am very impressed with a Ebay seller free next day delivery, I dont really like buying from ebay but for £95.00 with a code, it would be rude not to buy it. I have been looking for grills with the rings built in like the OEM, but they wanted over £350.00 Grill is great quality, and cant...
  16. CanadaA3wales

    New RS3 Grill for my A3

    New Grill just bought. I like how the rings are built into the grill and removable RS3 badge and plates £95.00 on the Black friday deals. Just need to get someone to fit it now LOL
  17. CanadaA3wales

    Finding a good painter - South Wales

    Hey, I am looking for a good painter which is not super expensive like counts kustoms LOL I only need 2 side skirts painted which will be all ready and primed. Has anyone used a place in SWales ? Really appreciate it.
  18. CanadaA3wales

    Looking for side skirts

    Hey My car did not come with side skirts and looks a but ho hum without them. Does anyone know who does Aftermarket ones for the 5dr Sportback A3 8V 2014? The ones on ebay are terrible and cannot find any second hand ones either. I know I will have to paint them, but I have someone who...
  19. CanadaA3wales

    How much for a LSD on a FWD?

    Hey I seen on a previous post that I can buy a LSD device for my TDI to stop wheel spin on a Stage 1. Does anyone know anything about them, are they about £700.00 ? And what do I need, and are they hard to install as far as labour?
  20. CanadaA3wales

    South Wales Mapper - Revo, APR or Custom?

    Hey I am finally managing to get a few things done to my car at the end of the month, Honeycomb Grill, Rieger Diff and now want to get a stage 1 map. It seems the Revo one in bridgend which is 5 min from me is around £450.00, but looking at other sites, I am not sure if the prices are...