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  1. Supa Koopa

    Facelift S3 Exhaust soot......

    Mine is exactly the same tip #1 is pretty clean compared to the rest. Audi inspected it for me and the valves were opening correctly, so I guess nothing to worry about. The strange thing for me is that I had a PFL and it didn't do it but this new FL car does. On the old car both tip 1 and 4...
  2. Supa Koopa

    How much do you pay for insurance?

    FL S3 (17 plate) - I'm 49 years old with over 10 years no claims. Last year was about £330 and this year was about £470 (I can't remember exactly). The reason for the increase was the prang in March, but I'd protected my no claims anyway.
  3. Supa Koopa

    S3 suspension stiffness - your thoughts

    I'm the same. :)
  4. Supa Koopa


    Yup. Tesco Momentum £1.24.9, Shell V-Power £1.42.9 both next door to each other. Very silly really. :) Shell V-Power has gone up to an additional 13p per litre which is just ridiculous. Their standard unleaded was £1.29.9, so 5p more than momentum. £2166.95 at 143p a litre £1894.19 at 125p a...
  5. Supa Koopa

    Someone has caught my rear bumper

    I'd say a smart repair but unfortunately it looks like it's past the crease line so they may have a hard time blending it in, so it might have to be a full bumper respray job. :(
  6. Supa Koopa


    Filled up with Momentum last night and it cost me £62, if I'd gone to the Shell garage next door for V Power it would have cost me £71. I think I'll drive a few miles out of my way for that kind of saving. :)
  7. Supa Koopa

    New tyres or just not bother?

    I realise it's more than likely a placebo effect and the Michelin may not be much better, but when the car does a 4 wheel slip then a bang as the traction control kicked in and cut the power and then apply it again (a bit hard to describe) when just setting off, and not even hard acceleration...
  8. Supa Koopa

    What upgrade bulbs gor halogen headlights

    Obviously can't recommend them due to legal issues but I had these on my previous CRV and they worked really well. I was never pulled over or flashed for being too bright. Not sure about MOT time as mine hadn't got there yet...
  9. Supa Koopa

    New tyres or just not bother?

    At least we know where we stand buddy...! :) Winds me up every time I look at the wife's Mini that cost just over half mine and her's came with Michelin's and mine came with blooming Hankook's and boy does she rub it in. I'd love to do the winter tyre thing, but I just don't use it that much...
  10. Supa Koopa

    S3 Fuel Consumption

    I managed to get a proper bang this weekend when messing around rather than the manufactured pops, I was quite pleased with myself. Manual is fun when you want to mess and yes it is a FL thing as my old car was boring in comparison. :)
  11. Supa Koopa

    New tyres or just not bother?

    @Ormesome - No worries about rubbing me up the wrong way as it was completely my fault. I've had a S3 before that had conti 5's on it, and they performed much better in similar conditions. The thing is I never liked these from day one, I gave them a couple of months to bed in but they never got...
  12. Supa Koopa

    New tyres or just not bother?

    Now you're talking. :)
  13. Supa Koopa


    Thanks Matt. I think most people realise this as there aren't that many refineries in the UK. It's just whether the 'jollop' added is worth the extra or not. FOr example, when it comes to super there are obviously differences as BP, Sainsburys and Esso are all 97 ron so all probably made in the...
  14. Supa Koopa

    New tyres or just not bother?

    @andywil13 - I did look at those originally but as it's an S3 i was persuaded against them. Even Michelin said I would be better with the PS4's as the cross climates are not a performance tyre. If I had anything other than a S3 (bar RS's obviously) I'd probably have tried them as they do look...
  15. Supa Koopa

    New tyres or just not bother?

    Thanks guys much appreciated, I know I need to for my own sanity. If they were short on tread or damaged it would be an easy decision, because they are in very good condition it makes it harder. @jassyo06 - don't do that to me, it's taken me long enough to decide on the Michelin's...! :) I'll...
  16. Supa Koopa

    New tyres or just not bother?

    So I bought my car new just over a year ago and it came fitted with Hankook Ventus S1 Evo2's and from day one I just didn't like them. I kept moaning that if I had a spare £400 I'd change them, but there's nothing really wrong with them so I'll just have to live with them. Fast forward to March...
  17. Supa Koopa


    Is it only while you have the phone plugged in? I have an iPhone and I don't get messages, but I rarely plug it in so I'm assuming it's because of that. I'm not really that bothered but I thought I'd ask. :)
  18. Supa Koopa


    Good luck with that. I just recently had mine serviced and asked them to switch it to fixed service. She explained that the car knows when it needs a service and I should leave it on variable. I explained that it was an S3 doing 5-6,000 miles a year and therefore should be fixed as per the...
  19. Supa Koopa

    Fuel filler gas release

    Not sure, but mine has also only started to do this recently. I've also lately been hearing a gurgling from the tank and this stops when you release the pressure. I'd definitely say it's gas out as there is a strong whiff of petrol when it does it.
  20. Supa Koopa

    Facelift Washer jets

    I was doing this while parked up trying to adjust them to the correct height. Driving was much worse and that was the reason I gave up on them after a while. I might try again at some point to see if I was just being an idiot. :)