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    Facelift S3 low coolant

    The wife's S3 has lost coolant very slowly over the last couple of years and I've been topping it up. Dealer tested the system just before warranty expired and insisted there were no leaks. Low coolant warning came on again yesterday and I noticed several puddles of fluid on the undertray - a...
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    Persuading dealer there is a fault!

    About 3 weeks ago, the red "alarm" led in the driver's door of my S4 started acting strangely. Upon locking the car it would flash a few times, then go solid red for ~20 seconds, and then start flashing again. I tried locking/unlocking/opening doors, bonnet & boot/switching ignition on & off and...
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    Adaptive Cruise Question

    For those of you with adaptive cruise, how smooth do you find it? Mine (S4) seems a bit late & sharp applying the brakes, even with distance set to 5 and a car correctly detected in front but I don't know if this is normal? I'm normally in Auto drive select mode, though have experimented with...
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    Start button question

    My old car (C7 A6) had a start/stop button very similar to my S4, i.e. press to switch on ignition/engine, press again to switch off engine/ignition. But in the A6 if you pressed the button again after switching off the ignition it had the same effect as opening the door - it locked the...