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  1. Keiran

    Boost gauge tee point

    Right lads, basically I have had a search on here but cannot find a definite answer as people have been saying to tee from the FPR, but then this could cause fuelling issues, also people have been suggesting the hose from the top of the diverter valve. Any pointers from you lads or is it just a...
  2. Keiran


    Hi all just a quick one, If I bought some 312mm discs for my car would they fit straight on under the standard calipers and carriers untill funds allow for bigger calipers. Car is an a3 tqs AJQ Cheers in advance, Keiran
  3. Keiran

    Blue smoke! Turbo seals?

    Hello there fellow Asn members, yet another beautiful Saturday morning in Sheffield it is... If you were a duck that is! Anyway onto topic. So if I'm coasting down a long hill say in 4th or 5th I get blue smoke chucked out of the exhaust when I ease back on the throttle at the bottom. Could...
  4. Keiran

    Forge 007p fitted and what a difference :)

    Just fitted my 007p today and it's made such a difference. The old one must have been nackered after its 13 year life. Made the car feel like it had no turbo before. Highly recommend one of these to the new guys like me starting to mod especially if the original is still fitted and is old. Just...
  5. Keiran

    Broken dipstick holder ... Oil spray

    Hi guys, just ordered a new dipstick holder from the stealers as mine has snapped into a million pieces. I have been getting little spay marks of oil on the underside of the bonnet and the inlet mani has spray marks on also. Could this be from the shattered dipstick holder? It only seems to be...
  6. Keiran

    Rattle/knocking noise over small bumps

    Hello people, my car has developed a really annoying noise when going over crappy road surfaces or small bumps in the road. It's a knocking noise and I can feel the vibrations through the accelerator pedal which is weird. I have just Uprated the engine mounts to THS mounts so can't be them so...
  7. Keiran

    Rocker gasket

    Hi all, I'm changing the rocker gasket on my car in the morning as mine is leaking, so just wondering if a gasket sealant should be used or is it just old one off, clean the area and then new one back on. My car is an a3 1.8t AJQ, cheers. Keiran
  8. Keiran

    Boost leak???

    Hi guys I've got a really annoying sound when I put my foot down. Sounds like a screeching belt but it only happens on boost. I can't get under the bonnet to see where the sound is coming from as it only happens when under load (in gear) I've checked all visible hoses but can't see any splits...
  9. Keiran

    Show me your exhausts!!

    As you may be aware people. I'm booked in for my first mod at the end of the month, turbo back de cat exhaust. But I'm stuck on deciding what tip to have on the end, twin or single??? What are your thoughts people. What do you reakon looks the best? Pictures would be great :) Cheers,Keiran...
  10. Keiran

    The modding bug may end my relationship haha

    Well guys, had my a3 1.8 tqs now for 2 months now and I've been itching to start getting power increases. The thing that's been holding me back is I'm currently saving for an engagement ring for the girlfriend and all is going well with the saving, until today!! I drove past my local exhaust...
  11. Keiran

    Exhaust uk in Sheffield

    Hi all, just wondering if any of you lads from around Sheffield have been to exhaust uk and if so what are your thoughts on them? Off down there today for a quote on a full system :)
  12. Keiran

    Exhaust and 3" downpipe wanted!!

    Hi guys, I have an a3 1.8 turbo Quattro sport and I am looking for a full exhaust system (preferably sports cat) including 3" downpipe for my car. Just wondering if anybody has one for sale or knows anybody. Cheers.
  13. Keiran

    Wiring diagram?

    Evening all, don't suppose anybody has a link for the speaker wiring diagram for an a3 1.8tqs Bose system? Cheers in advance if anybody has.
  14. Keiran

    Heaters not hot enough!!

    I have a a3 1.8t quatro and even when the engine is at full working temperature the blowers only seem to be blowing warm ish air in an not 'hot' air even thow it's on hi temperature setting. I have to sit there freezing for ages or the cab just to get a little bit warm :( Any ideas...
  15. Keiran

    Rear door speakers!

    Hi everyone just installed an after market stereo in my a3 1.8t and the rear door speakers have decided to stop working. I'm rubbish with electrics so just wondered if anyone has any ideas or knows what colour the cables are for them? Cheers guys!
  16. Keiran

    Clutch change

    Got a a3 1.8t sport Quattro. Just wondering if it's an engine out job or can you do it without removing the engine? Anybody done a clutch change on there's. Advice appreciated thanks.
  17. Keiran

    Hello from Sheffield

    Hey peeps, I'm Keiran from Sheffield. The new owner of an a3 1.8 turbo sport Quattro. Mega site here, lookin forward to using it for info on makin my a3 nice an fast. Look forward to getting to know you all!!!
  18. Keiran

    A3 gearbox changes

    I have an a3 1.8 turbo sport Quattro. Just wondering if anyone knows if there are any 6 speed gearboxes that will fit my car.