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  1. tcg

    For Sale A3/S3 8L aftermarket DEPO smoked/tinted rear lights (Please read carefully)

    I bought these as a lockdown restoration/repair project with the idea that I would fit them to my S3 8L but wasn't completely happy with my work and decided to go a different route instead so they need to find a new home. When I got the lights, the passenger side cluster was missing a fixing...
  2. tcg

    Sold F1 Tat.

    Another cupboard find...don't know exactly what this is, I think it may be for holding a usb drive but haven't bothered to find out. My GF brought this home from work back when it was Lotus so 2012-2015 era... It was free to us, so if you're willing to cover the postage and you like F1...
  3. tcg

    Sold Fitbit Ionic parts

    My Ionic has died so before I throw everything in the bin, here are the straps and charger cable...I have used one long and one short strap and the other two are unused. Located in Oxford OX3 postcode area...happy to post it to UK addresses... Please PM me if interested. Cheers, Tim.
  4. tcg

    Sold ALPINESTARS TECH 1 KX KART BOOTS ( size 9.5 US = 42.5 EUR )

    Another wardrobe, another nugget...this pair of beauties have been hiding away in the depths of a cupboard but now I've found them, they are for sale. They have only been out of the box to photograph...never been tried on! Here's a link to a site selling this model...I have no idea what to...
  5. tcg

    For Sale Genuine Audi S3 8L car mats

    These were fitted when I purchased my S3 8L and were swapped out not long after and have been in hiding ever since.I've found them now and they need to go.I've cleaned them but the front ones do still have some grubby marks on them. The driver's mat is not good,the front passenger mat is better...
  6. tcg

    Hope springs eternal...
  7. tcg

    Fixed Locked out of my thread

    Hi guys, I went to post a reply on my 'stop the clock start the thread my baby is home' but it shows the thread as being redirected (n/a) and saying I don't have access to the thread. I'd be grateful...
  8. tcg

    Locked out of my thread

    Hi guys, I went to post a reply on my 'stop the clock start the thread my baby is home' but it shows the thread as being redirected (n/a) and saying I don't have access to the thread. I'd be grateful if you could solve this problem. Cheers, Tim.
  9. tcg

    Rear ARB + drop link torque settings S3 8L

    Ordered a new rear ARB and drop links from Audi today and been searching on here but can find a definite answer. Please could someone tell me the torque settings for... Rear ARB mounting brackets drop link both ends thanks in advance, Tim.
  10. tcg

    Stop the clock...Start the thread-My baby is home

    Finally got my S3 home to roost,now the faffing starts... First polish :yes:
  11. tcg


    Picked up my S3 today from mike-turbo:yes: Really great guy and I'm chuffed after a lovely 80 mile cruise back along the motorway.She's now been put to bed for a while to get over the trauma of moving house! Can you tell what it is yet?
  12. tcg

    One more big sleep!

    As it says...picking up my 'new' 2003 S3 tomorrow :yes: Will I sleep tonight?
  13. tcg

    Bitter sweet day for me

    Well guys I've taken the plunge and put a deposit down on mike-turbo's S3,picking it up in a couple of weeks,so I've been convinced by all the people that I've spoken to on here.:respekt: You know who you are! Just the realisation that I've got to sell my beloved GT4 now has made the day a bit...
  14. tcg

    Heads up to S3Hoggy

    Had the chance to go and have a look at Matt's S3 today and thanks to him for sparing his time and knowledge to spread some light on the S3 8L. And I have to say guys I found that the S3 looks the part. You just may have me hooked:yes: I just need to go and drive a few and see if they drive...
  15. tcg

    Dog guard + boot liner

    One of the main reasons I find myself looking at a S3 8L is because of my beloved mutt. I've been rummaging through all the posts about dog guards but can't seem to find a definitive answer as to where you can get one.For my girlfriends car we have always used Travall and they are great but...
  16. tcg

    Please don't beat me up too much!

    Hi guys, New to hear as I'm looking at changing my current car (1992 Celica ST185 GT4) for one a bit more practical but still with some performance and rarity in the next few months. Here's a pic. just in case you're too young or just don't know about my car... I've been looking around and...
  17. tcg

    In need of some hypnosis?

    Hi all, Just signed up to gather as much info on a S3 8l as this could be my next car :chargrined: It's difficult for me as I'm having to get a more practical car and although I don't want to,I will have to in the next few months and I'm struggling to find something in my price range of...