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  1. craiga


    Really ****** off now. Left my car in for a dpf/egr delete and remap. The guy found my oil seal gone on turbo,intercoer busted and my fuel pump full of crap. Now the car should be putting out 200+bhp. It is only up to 170bhp. Prior to all the work it was only putting oit 140bhp. Steven reakons...
  2. craiga

    EGR/DPF removal

    Car booked in for friday.Egr/Dpf then a remap.Hopefully i wont be disapointed
  3. craiga

    any n Ireland chaps.

    Hi all I am thinking of going the egr and dpf removal route. Either getting it done by auto tune or torquetronix. Anybody in my area get this in derry/londonderry. Cheers
  4. craiga

    hot tuning coilovers

    Anyone any thoughts on these. Found them on ebay.
  5. craiga

    any n Ireland chaps.

    Hi Any n Ireland chaps on here who has had remap and dpf removal done. Thinking about it. Would fancy a wee blast in one. Lol
  6. craiga

    Another remap question

    Hi All I am thinking of getting my 170 tdi mapped. I contacted a revo dealer and he said no way,too dangerous. My question is that can i get it done . Who all on here has their 170s mapped . All info welcome
  7. craiga

    Remapping (n.ireland)

    Anyone recommend me a tuner/remapper in N.Ireland????
  8. craiga

    opinions please

    Hi All This is my first audi,a4 sline special edition 170. I called around to my mates brothers house to get my sat nav disc unlocked. Whilst i was there he said could he take the car for a spin as he is thinking of getting a b7 model,hes had all audi b5,b6 etc. He was not impressed at all...
  9. craiga

    170 bhp does it exist

    Hi all Had a full scale argument with a vw mechanic tonite. He is adiment that audi never made a 170 bhp engine so wtf. He said the b7 never came with that engine. So what the hell is in my drive. I assumed i had a 170 special edition. Lol
  10. craiga

    how to activate eject button

    Hi all I can get acess to vag com software. What do i need to change to enable my sat nav disc eject button Cheers
  11. craiga

    b7 gaiter surround

    Hi how much for the aluminium surround . b7 model
  12. craiga

    injector recall

    Hi all First time audi owner here.Sold my st focus and went down the diesel route again. I bought a b7 a4 black edition 170 brake,which had the injectors replaced 3 mths ago. Anyhow the car takes alot longer to start at times.My question is has anyone had same experience and if so have they...
  13. craiga

    Hi All

    After selling my ST Focus i decided to go down the a4 route. Bought myself nice b7 black edition.Happy so far,but it was recalled for new injectors ,now it seems very hard to start at times. Anyone else have the same problem.Its 170 brake as you all know. Cheers