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  1. satans child

    Aitp Asn club stand attendees...

    Guys... I've started this thread so I can hopefully get you to post up who will be there for definate, not maybe, deffo... Can you please put your names here with the cars your bringing, and if poss a pic of your car. This is so we can arrange the stand, as this year it will be like you...
  2. satans child

    anyone intrested in project satans child parts

    pm me for list of items....:icon_thumright:
  3. satans child


    please if anyone has an s4 2.7t block with the sump off so you can see the crank please pm me asap your help is greatly needed..:icon_thumright:
  4. satans child

    intresting projects.....

    :think: anyone have any interesting projects on the go or (planned)